Farewell to the Fun of March Madness

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

With the madness of March drifting away until next year, there have been very exciting and surprising moments in this year’s’ college basketball tournament.

Virginia, the national champion this year, has gone a full 180 degrees from their 16-seed upset of last season

That’s not the only surprising moment that captivated the audience during March Madness.

Our beloved Wisconsin Badgers surprisingly got torched in their first and only game against Oregon, who made it all the way to the Sweet Sixteen as a 12-seed.

The Badgers aren’t the only Wisconsin-based school to lose first round with Marquette losing by almost 25 points against Murray State.

Auburn, a 5-seed this year, had one of the more impressive runs of the tournament

The Alabama school defeated blue-bloods North Carolina and Kentucky on their way to the Final Four.

The only definite downside of March Madness has to be Duke losing in the Elite Eight.

Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett, two high flyers from Duke, made the SportsCenter Top 10 a multitude of times for their efforts in dunking the basketball.

Without those two in the rest of the tournament, thousands of viewers didn’t decide to watch the final three games.

Despite that little hiccup, the Final Four still averaged around 13 million viewers and the championship game around 16 million viewers.

A popular activity during the tournament is the creation of brackets that seem to always get busted.

This year, one person had a perfect bracket going into the Sweet Sixteen out of 17.2 million brackets, but later was busted after Oregon lost.

In all nine of my brackets, I had Virginia not even getting close to the Final Four but losing in the Round of 32 or the Sweet Sixteen.

I have learned from the March Madness brackets that it doesn’t take a person that is invested in watching college basketball to pick a good bracket.

This is shown when I have been watching college basketball all year and my mother decides to make a bracket for fun and gets a higher percentage than me.

But, that might be the sole reason why March Madness is so enjoyable–because anyone can win.