Softball: The One Constant in Jordan Bellmund’s Life

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Jordan Bellmund, a junior here at Notre Dame Academy, is dedicated to school and softball, as well as looking towards her future.

At the age of 17, Bellmund has already moved a multitude of times.

Bellmund was initially born in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“When I was two, my family and I began to move a ton,” said Bellmund.

Bellmund, from Colorado, then moved to Atlanta for the next two years.

Fast forward four years, the Bellmund family decided to move to Chicago, Illinois, followed closely by, finally, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“My mom’s job is really the reason why we moved so much, but if I had to pick a favorite city, I think it would have to be Chicago,” said Bellmund.

Though Bellmund might have moved houses more than once, her love for softball has stayed the same.

“I’ve always really enjoyed softball. The teams I’ve been a part of make the sport really fun,” she said.

Bellmund also notes that she has been playing softball since she was a child, where she first developed the love for the game.

Bellmund is now a junior on the girls softball team, and due to the short number of players this year, she has had to step up herself.

“I’m always trying to get better, whether it’s hitting or making a play. I want to be there for my teammates,” said Bellmund.

Even her teammates notice the leadership that Bellmund has on the field.

“Jordan is always really calm and she just is an overall leader,” said Jadyn Kulesa, another  junior on the softball team.

Away from the field, Bellmund also has a future that she sees for herself.

“I would like to become a chemical engineer in the future,” said Bellmund.

Specifically, Bellmund notes, she would like to obtain a chemical engineering degree because she would enjoy the makeup industry.

“I would like to take part in the makeup formulas, and I could do that with a chemical engineering degree,” she explained.