Coach Bob Rickards Will Coach Girls Soccer at SNC

Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

After 14 years of coaching both boys and girls’ soccer at Notre Dame Academy, Coach Bob Rickards will be leaving the academy and joining SNC as the new Head Coach of the girls’ soccer team.

“I will miss the staff. There are some great people here, but mostly I will miss the kids who are in the program now and those who will be coming into the program,” Rickards explained.

Rickards will leave Notre Dame with impressive accolades. He led the boys’ team to five state tournaments with two championships in 2007 and 2008. He led the girls’ team to eight state tournaments with their first championship win this last season.

Rickards takes over a successful program at SNC that has won four Midwest Conference championships and advanced to the NCAA tournament in 2013. Rickards joins three of his former NDA players, Anna Tristani, Hanna Lech and Miranda Hansen at SNC.

“The next level of competition intrigues me. I am also excited about the recruiting aspect of the college game. Finding players who fit your systems is like putting a puzzle together,” explained Rickards.  

One of the hardest parts about leaving NDA is the relationships made.

“You develop relationships with these kids,” said Rickards. “Some of these kids have been in the program four years, three years. You develop these relationships. Some kids look forward to playing for you. They are freshmen on junior varsity, but they look forward to playing for you.”

While the move is tough, Rickards believed it was time and perfect because of his employment already at SNC as the Director of Advancement Services.

“Coach Rickards is one of the best coaches in the area and state,” said Green Bay Preble boys coach Chris Becker. “I have learned a lot about coaching from our conversations through the years.”

Rickards will finish out the girls’ season as they are 6-1 for the season and look to defend their Division 3 Championship.

As for the Rickards children, will they miss their dad as coach?

“Yes I believe they will. They may never say it, but they will. I will always be their dad though,” explained Rickards.