Anderson Takes Challenge of Playing QB, Seeks to Improve Each Game

Anderson Takes Challenge of Playing QB, Seeks to Improve Each Game

Will Drake, Staff Writer, Journalism I

From Rotherham, to Petitjean, to Santaga, to Glime–the Tritons have had good quarterback play over the past decade.

This year the new QB is junior Hogan Anderson, who did not come in to the season planning on playing QB.

A couple injuries changed all that.

 Anderson has played many positions in his past. In sixth grade he was a center, in seventh and eighth grades a tight end, his freshman year a wide receiver, cornerback and quarterback, and sophomore year a wide receiver, cornerback and long snapper. 

When someone was needed for the position, Anderson agreed to step up:  “Once I was told I would be playing in the Chris Greisen Midwest Elite 7 on 7 tournament as QB,  I decided that if the team needs me, I will do it.”

Anderson has big shoes to fill from last year’s quarterback Wes Glime, who continues to pursue football at John Hopkins University.

Anderson has nothing but respect for his predecessor, saying “I just want to minimize the effect of losing our unanimous 1st team all-conference quarterback from last year and do the most I can.”

Glime feels like the position change would be tough for anyone to accomplish, but he also feels that Anderson could make it work. 

“When I would play scout team quarterback, I had the opportunity to work with him, as he was often playing receiver.  Throughout every practice, I noticed that he was very engaged and competitive,” said Glime..  

“Now,” continued the former QB, “he has been challenged with a position change to quarterback.  Speaking from my own experience, quarterback is not an easy position to learn, and making the transition as seamlessly as Hogan has is not something that can be done without a significant amount of hard work.” 

Anderson said that former NFL coach Ty Knott has helped him with the position change.  Knott has coached for multiple teams, including both the Packers and the Saints.

“I’ve learned a lot from Coach Knott. He’s really good at explaining the knowledge he has,” said Anderson, whose goal is “to improve for each and every game.”