Boys Finish First, Girls Seventh at Highly Touted Griak Invitational

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Notre Dame Academy cross country team traveled to Minnesota this past weekend to compete in the 34th annual Griak Invitational Meet.

The name of this selective meet comes from a man named Roy Griak, who served as a head coach and administrative assistant at the University of Minnesota for over 50 years. He passed away in 2015.

For over a decade, Notre Dame have been invited to participate in the Griak Invitational, including cross country coach Dylan Lange who ran in the race during his high school days at NDA.

The boys cross country team has won one race before Griak, being victorious in the Two Rivers Meet.

The girl’s cross country team has already taken first in two races this season: the Two Rivers Meet and the highly competitive City Meet.

Having success before this race was crucial to the runners as they are pressured to make a good appearance with many college scouts watching.

“A lot of big name schools were there, which was nerve racking.I got to talk to the St. Olaf coach after the race too,” said Owen Brummel, a senior captain of the boys team. 

With over 60 high school teams in attendance, coming from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois primarily, emotions were high.

“It was really cool to see all the other schools but stressful at the same time,” said Sophie Woodward, a senior captain of the girls team.

The women’s team ended up placing 7th among the many high schools, with top runners being Molly Desotell, Bella Zingler-Hoslet, Leya Abujamra and Abigail Haase.

The men’s team finished in first place, making it their third straight first place finish in the Griak Invitational, with top runners being Reid Milton, Conner Hawley, Owen Brummel and Howie Gerstner.

The cross country team travels again to Pulaski this Thursday.