Is There a Prejudice About Volleyball?

Rylei Anders, Staff Writer, Journalism I

“I do think there is a prejudice about being in volleyball. Some people go for the short shorts and popularity that you might gain from it. I also think that people have opinions that it’s not as hard as it looks,” said sophomore Anna Shueller.

Volleyball is a game where two teams, consisting of six players, use a maximum of three contacts with the ball to get it in-bounds on the other side. The first team to 25 points wins the set, and the number of sets played depends on the level. 

Sometimes people go into this sport and think that it’s just hitting a ball over the net, but it’s not as easy as some make it sound. Others may also just try out for reasons that don’t really have to do with the sport. 

Volleyball is a very hard sport that requires a lot of dedication and work to be able to be good at it and play on a successful team.

Players at Notre Dame dedicate a lot of hours toward the sport and work hard to be able to think quickly on their feet and work together as a team. 

Players  have to be connected to each other to be able to fluidly work together, so they have to be close and work with one another, not against each other.

Shueller’s favorite part of playing volleyball is “the adrenaline along with the feeling that you have a team always there supporting you.  It’s also a great and fun way to stay in shape.”

High school volleyball takes a lot of time out of a student’s day, especially if the team is able to work together well enough and win games to advance in tournaments. They practice after school and  have games both on school nights and on weekends. 

Overall, volleyball is a great sport to learn a lot of different skills like community, hard work, time management, confidence and more.