Girls Basketball Managers Discuss Their Role, Predict Success for Team


Skylar Schultz, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Fans of the Notre Dame girls basketball program have been wondering, after the departure of last year’s graduating class, who’s going to be manager? However, they’ll be happy to know that two worthy candidates have filled the role. Sophomore Kylie Calloway and freshman Abigail Flaten have taken up the position in stride, keeping the team in top shape by doing what needs to be done, on and off the court. 

How did you guys get into managing for the basketball team?

Kylie: “Coach Sara [Rohde]. Last year, at the end of basketball, she came up and asked me if I wanted to be the manager, so I said yes.”

(To Abby) How about you, since you’re a freshman?

Abby: “She spoke to me at weight training and asked me if I’d like to be a manager, so I said yes.”

How’s it been going so far?

Kylie: “Good!”

Abby: “Pretty good. It’s really fun to watch all the girls play.”

Kylie: “Yeah. They’re good so far.”

Did you guys play basketball in the past?

Kylie: “I played my freshman year in high school, and then I played from 5th grade up. I played for Future Tritons and my middle school.”

Abby: “I played my 8th grade year and that was it.”

So what exactly do you do, as manager?

Kylie: “For practices, we keep score or set a timer for them if they are doing a time. If they need more people to help out [in a drill], we’ll help out. For games, we keep track of their fouls, shots made, shots missed but attempted, and record the game. Sometimes.”

What’s your favorite part of being manager?

Kylie: “Being with the team and being with Abby. It’s really fun, just to get to know everyone and make new friends and hang out with them. It’s fun!”

Abby: “Yeah, just being involved is really fun and getting to watch them play.”

Did you guys know each other beforehand?

Both: “No!”

So what was it like meeting your co-manager?

Kylie: “So, we didn’t know that there was another manager.”

Abby: “Yeah. I was here the first day and she was gone.”

Kylie: “Neither of us knew that there was another manager, so when we met each other we were like, ‘Are you another manager too?!’”

Abby: “It was kind of a relief that there were two people to do the job instead of one.”

Kylie: “But, at the same time, I’m glad it’s you.”

So how’s the team looking for the season?
Abby: “They’re definitely improving.”

Kylie: “Yeah, they’re definitely improving because at the beginning it was… really rough, and now it’s just rough! We keep improving with every practice, and hopefully they will succeed.”