Campus Minister Kriegl Believes Football Builds Character, Creates ‘Family’

Wesley Hansen, Staff Writer, Journalism I

The athletic career of NDA’s campus minister, Daniel Kriegl, all started when he was little.  As a kid he played just about every sport that he could with his big brother.  

The two, along with their neighbors, played every possible backyard game they could as a way to pass time.  

Moving into high school, Kriegl played four years of football at Catholic Memorial High School.  

Kriegl likes to live by the quote “The Man in the Arena’ by Theodore Roosevelt and said he got through every practice with a never-quit mentality.  

He made a promise to himself that he would give his best to be better than the man next to him and quitting wasn’t an option.  

Giving all you have every day isn’t easy and Kreigl said he made his best effort to make the best out of every day.

Most people have an inspiration when they are in sports, and Kriegl’s inspiration was Doug Flutie because even though he was short, he took his talent to the NFL.

Kriegl is very passionate about football as it is his favorite sport.  

Football is Kriegl’s favorite sport because he feels it is a sport that best parallels the concept of military brotherhood.  

Going through every practice is very physical, he explained, and you build a “family” with your teammates. This bond grows much stronger with all of the physical work.