Sam Schmid Takes Another Look at Packers’ Draft

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Green Bay Packers, although having arguably the worst draft in recent franchise history, are still hopeful for a great season.

I know I know, I do realize I torched the Packers in the last article I wrote, which was fair to say after they had a rough few days with their decision-making in adding new stars on the team.

Although I had some harsh criticism on the Packers, it is not near the worst that I could’ve gone.

People, especially in Green Bay, are acting like the Packers were a terrible team last year, and that’s just not the case.

Instead, they were just ONE game away from a Super Bowl appearance and finished with a record of 13-3. 

Looking on the bright side, although the Packers didn’t draft a wide receiver, their players that they did decide on, are decent.

Josiah Deguara, the tight end that the Packers picked up in the third round, as a 6’3” 245-pound Cincinnati alum, provides both blocking and receiving for the Packers, which is needed at his position.

“I just want to thank the Pack organization for believing in me. and I’m super excited to be a Packer,” said Deguara via Twitter.

Furthermore, in the fourth round, drafting linebacker Kamal Martin out of Minnesota, can also be seen as a positive.

The Packers are in need of another great linebacker as Blake Martinez, their leading tackler this past season, signed with the New York Giants.

According to CBS Sports, the Packers are still ranked fifth in their latest Power Rankings, stating that head coach Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers, in their second season together, will work better together as well.

And who knows, as Rodgers begins to age quickly, as many scouts have been saying, Jordan Love in 2-3 years will be Green Bay’s next great QB.