Rickards ‘Can’t Wait’ to Play Soccer


Maxwell Baek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

After a long year of staying indoors, staying away from groups, and “socially distancing,” there finally appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. With thousands of people around the country receiving their second inoculation, and therefore immunity from the COVID-19 virus, many of the things that we love are starting to return. 

For Notre Dame Academy senior Elizabeth Rickards, this activity is the return of the soccer team.

“I can’t wait to play soccer this year!” said Rickards. “It’s an exciting opportunity and a long-awaited one at that!” 

You can hear the excitement coming out of her comment. Sports are a beloved part of high school life, and when the world is in the midst of a global pandemic, it is just not feasible to conduct games, or practices, let alone put spectators in the stands. 

“During Covid, I couldn’t see any of my friends or family. I couldn’t play soccer, which is such an important part of my life,” she said. This threw all sorts of students through a loop, as one of the fundamental staples of their lives was suddenly taken away. 

However, it wasn’t just scoring goals and getting exercise that was missed. The team dynamic was dearly missed, as many of Rickards’ good friends were on the team. 

“My soccer team is one of the best, brightest, creative, hardworking, stubborn, strong, and lovable team there is!” she stated emphatically. “We learn from each other. You learn so much from being on the team. It’s like family, school and sport all rolled into one.” 

Even with the highs and the lows brought on through sports, every moment was missed and will certainly be cherished in the future.

While Rickards expressed her final game with her dad as a major highlight of her career, as well as chasing after the Golden Ball (usually given to the best team in a tournament or league), ultimately, she and her teammates are just excited to have a season at all. 

The seniors, she emphasized, are especially grateful for the opportunity to play.

Girls soccer starts their season next week.