Track Star Anna Schueller Sets NDA Pole Vault Record


This week senior Anna Schueller made track history at NDA by setting a new height for girls pole vaulting.  She topped the record that’s been untouched since 2003.  Enjoy her answers to our questions. . . and let her know how proud you are of her accomplishment.

Q. Recently at our pep assembly you saw two Tritons get recognition for their outstanding basketball careers.  Now, setting a school record in pole vault, what are your feelings and thoughts about accomplishing this milestone?

A.  I’m very excited to have broken a record that has stood for nearly 20 years, and I’m extremely grateful for everyone who has helped me along my pole vault journey.

Q. Has this been a dream or goal of yours? Do you even know whose record you broke and by how much? 

A. Yes, holding the girls’ school record for pole vault was a dream since I joined NDA track and field. I broke Julia Heinrich’s 2003 vault of 11’ by an inch (I was able to choose my own height since I was the only vaulter left in the competition).

Q. When did you first start this scary-looking sport of pole vaulting?

A. I started pole vaulting during the fall before eighth grade, but I think my fascination started when I would use hiking sticks to cross creeks as a kid.

Q. Who has been your biggest influence as far as pole vaulting? 

A. My biggest influence (besides the world’s best vaulter, Mondo Duplantis, was Coach Steve Buss and is currently Coach Shawn Hauser.  Shawn stepped up and filled in at the club after Steve’s death, and I first met him at the FRCC meet during last year’s season. He is always available for last-minute practices and took me under his wing like his own vaulters last year when I didn’t have a coach.

Q. Do you practice year-round?  WHERE do you practice? 

A.  I practice year-round at APVaulting, which is a club full of passionate coaches who have coached more than 20 athletes to become state champions.  I absolutely love AP since we are all pretty close friends and all share a passion for vaulting.

Q. Who are your major competitors in the FRCC? 

A. My major competitors are DePere’s Anna Qualls and Megan Dorsey (they are also AP vaulters).

Q. What height do you hope to reach by the end of the season?

A. I’m aiming for 12’, but I obviously hope to vault as high as possible.

Q. Do you have any superstitions or crazy/illogical routines or habits before competing?  Or what do you think of before running and springing into the air?

A. Before any competition I am always focusing on not freaking out—it has never gotten less nerve racking despite competing all year-round.  As for when I am vaulting, I try to clear my mind because pole vault is a sport where most challenges are mental ones… and if I overthink, I will probably bail on my vault.

Q. What has been your favorite class at NDA? 

A. My favorite class at NDA was chemistry with Mr. Smits or band with Mr. Johnson.

Q. What is your favorite Konop meal?

A. It’s a tie between bbq pork sandwiches and orange chicken.

Q. Do you plan to vault in college?  Know where you’re going to college or what you’re doing after graduation? 

A. I am going to Michigan Tech next year for civil engineering, and I would love to vault up there as a Husky.

Q. What advice would you give younger Tritons considering pole vaulting or track in general?

A. If you are interested in track, go do it because it’s definitely a team bonding experience to suffer through the practices together.  If you’re interested in pole vaulting, give it a shot because the pole vault community is small and filled with people who most likely know each other and are friends.  Starting earlier is always the most beneficial and at APVaulting your first lesson is free.

Q. Have a favorite motto or quote? 

A. I have many, but this is probably the most NDA-appropriate one: “Get high with a good plant.”  That was the name of the group chat I joined during my freshman season.  Otherwise, I just try to remind myself to vault high for everyone who has shown me generosity and support.