Seven Ways of Saying I Love You

Monse B., Writer, Creative Writing class

Butterflies form in the pit of my stomach.
My hands become sweaty.
I tap my feet in anticipation.

Your warm embrace makes my body melt.
My heart skipping a beat.
Our fingers interlock.

My heart skips a beat.
A moment of silence fills the air.
We stare into each other’s eyes.

I take a deep breathe
Letting my anxiety leave my body.
Words, phrases start to form in my head
What could I possibly say?

Three words.
Nine letters.
Three syllables.
Am I ready?

With these words
I relinquish my mind, body, and soul to you.
And only you.

I take a deep breathe.
A take a moment to compose myself.
Three words. Nine letters. Three syllables.
I love you.