Greisen, Salerno Join NDA Staff

Theology, Math, Music Departments Gain New Faculty

Add two more to the pool of new teachers here at NDA: Mrs. Christine Salerno and Mr. Chris Greisen.

They may share similar first names, but their teaching departments are quite different. Mrs. Salerno teaches choir, band and music while Mr. Greisen teaches math, theology and is the NDA quarterback coach.

“I have had a passion for music all of my life. I have been teaching at UW-Green Bay for many years on a part-time basis, and I was looking to teach full-time. Notre Dame is quite like a university in many respects, and I’m very happy to be here,” Salerno said.

Greisen shares a similar feeling about his subject areas.

“Theology has become a passion of mine in wanting to share my faith with others along with learning more about our faith and Church. Math has always come pretty easy to me. I’ve always enjoyed helping others with figuring out a problem and allowing that proverbial light bulb to come on,” Greisen said.

Salerno said that her ties with Notre Dame have not been direct but she knows families with students that attend Notre Dame. She works alongside Mr. Hill for Music Appreciation and IB & Advanced Music.

“I have always respected Mr. Hill and I’m honored to be teaching with him,” Salerno said.

From 2003-2005, Greisen was an assistant football coach here at NDA during the same time his wife, Shannon, was the Director of Admissions at NDA.

Salerno graduated from Western Michigan University and the University of Northern Colorado. Greisen graduated from Northwest Missouri State University on a football scholarship.

Greisen’s team went on to win the national championship during his senior year which allowed him to get drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. He said he retired from professional football this past year.

In adjusting to life as a new teacher at Notre Dame, Salerno said she feels “so at home here at Notre Dame. Everyone is so helpful.”

Greisen noted a little more of a change: “certainly an adjustment from playing professional football. There is a lot going on, especially early on in the school year. ”

Both Salerno and Greisen enjoy spending time with their families when it comes to getting away from their careers.

“I am looking forward to our choir concerts, band-choir collaborations, ‘shows’ with the Swing/Jazz choir, traveling to festivals, solo and ensemble, the musical, getting to know the music ministry students, and working with the 2nd Jazz Band,” Salerno said.

Greisen also has goals for the upcoming year.

“I look forward mostly to creating meaningful relationships with my students and fellow teachers. I look forward to helping students find their faith and identity during their time here at NDA, whether that is in the classroom or out on the field,” Greisen said.