Mr. NDA DVDs Coming Soon!

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This year’s Mr. NDA pageant was unforgettable. From Greg Young’s towel dance to Sam Liegel’s boy band tribute and to Colton Lippert’s Spanish opera, this show was one to remember.

So who wouldn’t want to watch it again? Those of you that ordered the Mr.NDA DVDs will be getting them very soon. The master copy is done, and now senior Vince Hribernik is working on making multiple copies.

About 200 people ordered DVDs after the pageant on December 6. According to Hribernik, the DVD won’t be much different editing-wise from previous years, but the show will be a great one to watch again.

The senior, who has worked on the Mr. NDA production all during his high school career,  puts a lot of work and his own time into making the DVDs perfect.

“[The biggest problem] is going through all of the footage. It’s three cameras that have the whole show on it, nine hours in total,” he said.

Vince taught himself how to edit videos and mostly figured it out on his own. He uses Final Cut and iMovie to edit together the videos.

As most people with any connection to Notre Dame know, senior Greg Young captured the crown.

Get ready, Notre Dame, because the videos will be here before you know it!