Frau Urges Students to Get Involved in Planning for Fall Fest


James Bosco , Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Q. How many people are participating in Student Government this year?

A. Every year the executive board has 16 members, Outreach has 8 members and Senate has 16 members.

Q. What are some of the different positions within Student Government? Are there any open positions?

A. Currently we are only missing our freshman class president, but we are also going to be looking to have students join us on the convocation committee. Some of the positions include: Student Body President, Class President, Rep to School Board, Reps to Administration, Reps to Curriculum and Student Life, Fan Man, and Mermaid.

Q. What do students do at meetings?

A. Students will plan events, discuss issues impacting the students and anything else that will help NDA be the best place possible with the best experiences.

Q. How many meetings should students expect to attend?

A. They are allowed only two unexcused meetings per year or they lose their position.  Typically we meet twice to four times a month.

Q. What events does Student Government typically organize?

A. -All dances

       -Fall Fest (all events)

       -Spring Week

       -Mr. NDA


       -Food Truck Friday

       -Powderpuff football

        -THE shirt design and sales

        -Other special events


Q.  What is Fall Fest?

A.  Fall Fest focuses on service, but includes a week of special events, such as Powderpuff football, chili/soup day, prayer service, special dress days and TGB.

Q. What is your favorite part of running Student Government?

A. I love working with the students.  They are so creative, passionate and full of energy.  I also love working with the other advisors. They are amazing people.

Q.  How can students get involved in Student Government?

A. You don’t have to be elected to get involved.  Our meetings are generally open meetings that anyone can attend.  Have something special to present or bring to us? Let us know and you will be put on the agenda.  Visit our student government Powerschool Learning page for meeting details and follow NDA_studentgov on Twitter for news and announcements.