Academy Chatter: What are your plans for the summer?

Ashley Lemens, junior: “This summer I will be working out for basketball and hanging out with my friends.”

Anna Schaut, senior:  “I will be working and hanging out with my friends.”

Logan Tennity, senior: “Working hard and playing hard.”

Luca Frigo, junior: “Working, spending time with my friends, and trying new things.”

Rachel Bal, junior: “My plans are to go on college tours, practice basketball, and get a break from school.”

Floyd Silas, junior: “This summer I will be traveling and playing lacrosse with my club team.”

Yana Williams, junior:” This summer I am going to Florida for a month.”

Courtney Romes, junior: “My plans for summer are to hang with friends, play soccer and camp a lot.”

Abby Wittler, junior: “This summer I will be visiting my family in New Mexico, working, and enjoying the warm weather with my friends.”

Parker Olson, junior: “This summer I will be playing disc golf.”

Ellese Martin, junior: “This summer I’m planning on playing a lot of golf and soccer, going to Door County and doing college prep work.”

Sydney Lemkuil, junior: “This summer I’m going to Jamaica and also to San Francisco.”

Eli Servais, junior: “I’ll be spending my summer touring colleges across the country.”

Helena Parmar, junior: “I’m going to Jamaica and also will be spending a lot of time at my cottage.”

Bella Brabazon, junior: “I’m going to Belmont for a summer singing program but will be spending summer hanging out with all of my friends.”

Kobe Cullen, freshman: “Football. That’s it.”

Mr. Kuenzi, staff: “For the summer, I work at tennis camps primarily in Whitewater and Massachusetts!”
Chris Torres, freshman: “I plan to play volleyball, soccer, and go to church a lot.”
JV Steckart, sophomore: “This summer I plan to play basketball, tennis, go golfing, running, and work at the country club.
Emily Landwehr, junior: “Going up north, hanging out with friends, and volunteering.”

Ared Hernandez, junior: “Nothing much besides going to Mexico.”

Abby VanOoyen, junior: “I’m going up to my cabin.”

Jack Schumer, junior: “Hanging with friends, hopefully, and making a grand recovery in my most beloved sport of basketball.”

Mariah Michalski, junior: “Hanging out with friends and spending a lot of time outdoors.”

Molly Rader, junior: “To babysit and play volleyball.”

Maddie Jaloszynski, senior: “I plan to spend a lot of time boating, water skiing, playing beach volleyball and seeing my friends a lot before we all leave.”

Mrs. Brown, teacher: “I am going to New Orleans to celebrate my 50th anniversary, attending graduation parties, going to Lake Tahoe for IB training, and I will be welcoming my family home in July.”

Owen Martzke, senior: “I plan to work a lot to make money, but I also want to make it the best summer before I leave.”

Colleen Philbin, senior: “I plan to work and spend time with my friends and family before leaving for college.”

Grace Balison, senior: “Working and making the most memories with my friends before leaving.”

Hunter Soletski, junior: “Go to football games across the country.”

Max Healy, junior: “Hang out with my friends.”

Diego Sepulveda, junior:  “Just working, I guess.”

Alex Broullire, junior: “Sleeping in is a top priority.”

Bella Weslow, junior: “I don’t have any plans.”

Maggie Otradovec, junior: “I’m really excited to travel and live stress free.”

Bella Brabazon, junior: “I’m excited to go to Belmont for a summer camp and travel to Door County.”

Mattea Vecera, junior: “I can’t wait to have a five-week break from Green Bay.”

Max Timmer, junior: “I’m really happy to travel and hang out with my friends.”

Charles Peterson, junior: “Hopefully working at Target and hanging out with my friends.”

Owen Brummel, junior: “My daddy is taking me fishing.”

Sophia Woodword, junior: “Going down to Door County.”

Sydney VanWychen, junior: “Getting a job, touring colleges.”

Jun Cha, junior: “Going back to Korea.”

Cathy Baeten, junior: “Going on another service trip to Nebraska.”