Salute to ‘Family’ of Student Services

Sophia Schauer, Staff Writer, Journalism I

What I love about Student Services is that the resource people always make you smile. Theirs is positive energy, and they are always willing to help you. 

They see your weaknesses and your strengths. They focus on making you a better person and making sure you are passing all your classes. They put you first and your needs first; they make you work your hardest. 

If this school didn’t have Student Services so many kids would fall apart and become dropouts. 

One person in particular is Mrs. B (Katie Bialk).  She helps me with most of my work. 

More importantly, Mrs. B looks out for me and makes sure I have a smile on my face. She wants to see that I am having a good day and not stressing out. Mrs B is like my mom at school, and I love that we have that connection together.  

Ciera Gerl, also in Student Services, is easy to talk to and is one of the most inspirational persons that I know. She is always positive. 

“It is hard to always be positive, but I remind myself and the kids that all the hard work will pay off in the end,” said Gerl. 

She is one of the most trendy people. She loves tik tok and  has a youtube channel. She is a good teacher because she wants you to pass your class, and she will work hard with you to help you.

“My favorite part about teaching the kids in Student Services is seeing them succeed. Seeing them succeed is a great feeling and having them become more independent in their learning is great because it is proof that you are doing the right things for them,” said Gerl. 

She loves all the kids that come to work with her;  she cares for them and wants to see good things come out of all the kids of the NDA.

It is my belief that all kids, no matter who they are or where they come from, deserve access to quality education that is taught by people who care about them. This belief is the foundation of my motivation to come to work every day,” said Gerl.