Academy Chatter Question: What are your thoughts on the virtual Academy Awards show?

Alex Boye, sophomore: “I think it’s pretty cool what they’re doing and that they’re still doing it during these harsh times.”

Elliot Zent, junior: “Overall, I think it was the best option that the school had. However, I do feel that the school could have formatted it a bit better. It feels kinda awkward not seeing everything at once. In my opinion, they should have recorded it like normal and put it up on the school page for people to watch on their own time, then of course still have the live Q and A. On the topic of the performances by the contestants, I think that they have all done a great job.”

Eli Frigo, junior: “I actually like it a lot because it’s easier to see the act and the sound is better. I also appreciate that we get to see separate camera views. And also I can rewatch it if I want, whereas the other ones had to be paid for to get a copy.

Jude Frigo, junior: “The audio quality could be better, but the editing is pretty good.”

Brooke Huss, freshman: “I really like the way they designed the show this year. It makes it accessible for everyone. They should continue this!”

Anthony Brunette, junior: “I thought the showing of the Ghostbuster trailer was awesome.”

Madison Waldrop, senior: “I really like how accessible the show is this year.  The performances were great!”

Harrison James, junior: “I think the Academy Awards are really good this year. All of the acts are hilarious.” 

Zaydah Peters, freshman: “My favorite part was the first Academy Awards episode we watched. It was all coordinated really well and quite funny.”

Renee Porod, senior: “I think it is a great way to keep the tradition going. Although, a lot of us would prefer if it was in person.”

Kaelyn Castro, junior: “Very creative. I have never actually seen anything like that. It is cool to see everyone in their own subject.”

Anna Lippert, junior: “It was nice. We still got to see the show, but there is nothing like hearing the laughs in person. 

Chloe Tilkins, junior: “ I think everyone is doing a great job adjusting to the new way of creating a show online.” 

Fabiola Ruacho, junior: “I think it’s going pretty well for being online instead of the usual in- person show.”