Kylie Callaway: The Rest of the Story

Kylie Callaway, Creative Writing Student

Write the REST of the story that begins with . . . . “I’m afraid this simply can’t wait.”

“I am afraid this simply can’t wait,” said Dr. Sting.

“What is wrong with my daughter,” screamed Julia’s dad, but no one responded.

While rushing Julia off to surgery, the doctor kept bumping into all the walls, then they disappeared into the darkness. Finally, a nurse came out from the back.

“Your daughter will be fine. She had a major tumor in her brain. We safely removed it, but she may not remember everything. Also, Julia will have to do chemotherapy once a week,” stated the nurse. 

Julia’s dad rushed in the back looking for her room when he finally found her.

“Dad, where am I,” asked Julia.

He explained everything to her. Julia touched the side of her head as he spoke, coming to the realization that her hair was removed from part of her head. A tear rolled down her cheek.

 A week later they went home. Kindle, Julia’s best friend, was waiting by the door for her. Both of the girls went inside and talked for hours, but Julia was not the same. She did not feel like herself with only half of her hair. Kindle realized this and automatically had a solution.

“Hold on, I will be right back,” said Kindle.

Going into her brother’s bathroom, she found what she was looking for. In Kindle’s right hand, she held a shiny, black shaver.

“What are you doing?” asked Julia.

“You cannot control what is going on, but this you can,” exclaimed Kindle.

She took the shaver and started shaving her own head. Julia was shocked by what her best friend had just done. Julia decided it was the one thing she could control and shaved her head as well.