Will European Vote Affect Relationship with U. S.?

Vit Nosek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

May 27, 2019

Over the course of the last several days, 28 member states of the European Union voted their representatives for the European Parliament. The European Parliament is one of the main three bodies of the European Union and all d...

Senior Hailey Swonger Gets Nostalgic About NDA

Hailey Swonger, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

May 20, 2019

There’s one week left of school and while most of the NDA student body is excited for summer, I can’t help but think of how crazy it is that my four years are up. In three  months, we seniors will be packing and heading off...

Theology Teacher Jane Hall Warns About Ethics, Consequences of Gene-Editing

Vit Nosek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

April 29, 2019

We live in a time of unbelievable boom in medicine. In the last couple decades, scientists from  all around the world have spent a great amount of time working on discovering the most effective drugs. Doctors and research...

Fuzz Speaks Out on Student Government: Get Involved!

Ryan (Fuzz) French, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

April 22, 2019

While this may have been my only year on the Executive Board of the NDA Student Government, it has been one of my favorite parts of my senior year. The Executive Board is made up of class presidents, along with leaders fro...

Hints for Overcoming Procrastination

Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

April 15, 2019

One of the biggest challenges for a high school student is procrastinating. It happens to all of us at one time or another. One of the reasons I’m writing this is because I procrastinated this entire week before writing! ...

Why Reading Matters . . . .or The Beauty of Books

Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

April 9, 2019

We’ve all been there. Mrs. Brown (or another English teacher) excitedly hands out the newest book you will be reading, discussing, obsessing, even dreaming about. You get home, open the cover and consider, “I wonder if this ...

Academy Chatter: What has been your favorite Service Day experience? And why?

Staff Writers, Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

April 9, 2019

Cassidy Noble, junior: “I went to an elementary school, and I got to play with children.” Evan Walczyk, junior: “I went to a retirement home, and it was fun because I got to go with my friends.” Aaron Ronsman, junio...

A Senior Deals With Senior Slide

Aeva Ver Boort, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

April 4, 2019

Senior slide is definitely a real thing.  When it comes to the end of your senior year, it becomes super hard to try hard in school knowing that you are already accepted into your colleges.  It becomes hard because you know y...

Academy Chatter: What talent would you like to have and why?

Staff Writer, Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

April 1, 2019

Charles Peterson, junior: “I wish that I could dance because I could get a better part in the St. Norbert musical.” Anna Zimmerman, sophomore: “I wish that I could cook because then I wouldn’t have to go out to eat a...