Academy Chatter: What advice would you give to freshmen about their first final exams?

Staff Writers, Staff Writers, Journalism I

December 4, 2019

Adison Karbon, senior: “It is really not that bad and do not worry about it.” Catharine Baeten, senior: “Do not procrastinate!!” Elizabeth Hoeppner, senior: “Study in increments. Do not spend hours at a time working. Break it into ...

International Student Compares U.S. and European Schools

Tereza Kankova, Staff Writer, Journalism I

November 20, 2019

After spending almost one semester at the United States of America as an exchange student from Europe, I have noticed some key differences between American and Europian educational system. Is the American school system more enr...

Academy Chatter: What are your plans for Thanksgiving break?

Staff Writers, Journalism I

November 19, 2019

Felix Neta, sophomore: “Going to my grandparents and hunting.” Nick Massabni, sophomore: “Flying to Pennsylvania to visit my grandparents and my cousins.” Chris Charles, sophomore: “Eating turkey at my grandma’s h...

Senior Speaks Out in Appreciation of Grandparents, Grandparents Day

Monica Sosa-Hernandez, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

November 10, 2019

My parents moved here to Green Bay before I was born, so when I started growing up I did not have my actual grandparents there. Thankfully, my mother met a nice lady at a dinner who needed help with her Spanish. After the con...

Academy Chatter: What is your favorite go-to fast food place?

Staff Writers, Journalism I

November 7, 2019

Tim Turek, junior: “Chick-fil-A because it has the best food and shakes, and it’s closed on Sunday for Kanye.” Jack Kress, senior: “Chick-fil-A because I appreciate the consistently excellent service and phenomenal quality of fo...

Academy Chatter: What is the best part of being a Triton?

Staff Writers, Staff Writers, Journalism I

October 28, 2019

Katie Vercauteren sophomore: “Knowing that I go to a good Catholic school. I am proud to say I am a triton.”  Soo-Yin Brown, sophomore: “Going to a school that shows great discipline and teaches you the things you need to ...

Academy Chatter: What are your plans for Halloween?

Staff Writers, Journalism I

October 23, 2019

Katie Vercauteren sophomore: ”I am going trick or treating with my little cousin Maddie. It’s her first Halloween, and last Halloween she was in a NICU/Hospital because she was a preemie baby. I’m so excited.” Soo-Y...

Academy Chatter: What is your favorite time of the day and why?

Staff Writers, Journalism I

October 16, 2019

Jack Kress, senior: “German because Frau is the best teacher ever.” Jannae Walden, junior: “My favorite part of the day is when I go home from school and take a nap.” Caleb Steffel, junior: “The end, I get to g...

Senior Cathy Baeten Urges Freshmen to Get Involved in Clubs & Service

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

October 14, 2019

Many people have urged freshmen to become involved in multiple activities here at Notre Dame, and Cathy Baeten, a senior, sees the importance of being active in high school. Baeten began expanding her reach freshman year when she joined b...