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Academy Chatter: How do you prepare for final exams?

Academy Chatter:  How do you prepare for final exams?

Lindsay Ortega Alvarado, freshman: “To study for finals I start looking at study guides and then I review the material. I make quizlets to study a little bit for every class each day.”

Briana Flores, sophomore: “I prepare for finals by making quizlets, looking at my study guides, and organizing my time.”

Hattie Compton, freshman: “I study for finals by turning all electronics completely off. Then I take it class by class and study for the finals I will be taking first.”

Noe Lagrandeur, junior: “ I look over the homework and ask questions.”

Viviana Perez, sophomore: “I use my study guides and any other resources my teachers give me.”

Mallori Lacourt, freshman: “I often use a given study guide and go through my notes or notes posted in google classroom and fill it out. If there’s no study guide, I usually just review and write down parts in my notes that are either talked about or seem to have importance.”

Isabel Derouin, sophomore: “ I make flashcards to study vocabulary and concepts “

Jessica Laford, sophomore: “Study groups with friends, use your study guide, use any resources teachers give you, look at your grade and if you spot any unit test you did poorly on, take extra time to review that topic, don’t cram, and try to take time to do stress-relieving activities.”

Skylar Hess, freshman: “ I make quizlets for each subject if possible then study with those.”

Evelyn Peterson, freshman: “I usually go over notes, quizlets, and rewrite answers to study guides.”

Breanna Schwarten, freshman: “ I make a list of all of my classes and rank them from which ones are the hardest that I need to study for more than the other ones and then I prioritize studying for those.”

Lillianna Poehlman, sophomore: “My study techniques include collecting all the study guides, figuring out what I need, to finishing and setting a do-able schedule.”

Amelia Butz, freshman: “ I usually make flashcards or a study set on a website like blooket or quizlet. I also find it helpful when I go to a quiet place to study like a bookstore or cafe.”

Jordan Johnson, sophomore: “I study for finals by redoing my homework problems and creating study guides.”

Irene Ertman,sophomore: “ I get together my notes from the year and separate them into the topics that were the most difficult for me and use that to review.”

Ngoclam Nguyen sophomore: “I start preparing for finals at the beginning of the month so I can lessen the amount of studying I do each day since I know I’ll probably forget to study anything if I don’t start earlier. I study by rewriting my notes and re-doing old worksheets/homework from the semester.”

Jenny Frias, sophomore: “ I try to make quizlets and look at my study guides.”

Crisny Reyes, junior: “ I try to find a balance between studying and everything else because it can get overwhelming.”

Dulce Santos-Cruz, sophomore: “I just do the study guides.”

Elizabeth Bieda, freshman: “I break up my studying and study for the hardest subject first and then my easier ones.”

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