Landon Lozier to Play Baseball at Michigan State


Emma Zankoul, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“Baseball is a game of failure, and a bad game is something I like to look at as a learning experience,” said Landon Lozier, NDA senior and baseball commit to Michigan State.

He started playing baseball at the age of 5, influenced by his father who had previously played at a high level.

“As a kid I’d always hold a ball or bat in my hand and ask someone to throw or catch pitches,” he said.

Since then, it has been his biggest passion and favorite hobby. He is currently the shortstop for the NDA baseball team. 

A shortstop is a fielder positioned in the infield between second and third base. “It is definitely my favorite position as it is the hardest in the infield, and it requires you to make tons of difficult plays,” said the senior.

Lozier loves the difficulty of the game and sees every play as a “new challenge.” He thinks that failing is the only way to improve your game.

“Don’t give up. Staying consistent is the only way to keep up with competition,” he advised.

Another thing that has kept him going is remembering why he started. “The younger version of myself has always been my inspiration to keep playing,” he said.

This mindset has led him to a very successful career as he recently was offered to play baseball at Michigan State which is Division I.

He also played in the USA all-region team at the USA baseball complex in North Carolina last year and said it was his “favorite memory that I can never forget.”

Lozier stated that this would never have been possible without GRB Rays and ISA which are both baseball programs in Wisconsin, as well as Paul Wagner who has trained him since he was young.

“My whole career would’ve also been impossible without my parents and their support,” he added.

With all this help and effort, Lozier is now ready to play for Michigan State. He thinks it is the perfect school for him since it is close to home and has a beautiful campus.

“The players and coaches were also very nice and made it feel like home the second I stepped on campus,” he added. He is looking forward to winning games in college and later getting drafted. 

But although he is very excited to play at Michigan, Lozier admits he will miss playing with his “elite teammates” and suiting up in his NDA uniform, which has always been a “bittersweet experience” for him.