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AV Productions Class Attends Wisconsin Broadcasting Forum at Lambeau, WLUK News Station


Through the Audio and Visual Production Class, I was able to go on two amazing field trips. One was to the Wisconsin Broadcasting Association Student Forum and the other to WLUK Fox 11 news station. 

The Wisconsin Broadcasting Association Student Forum was held at Lambeau Field this past Saturday. It was an amazing experience that started with two sessions of speakers. 

There were multiple speakers and talks to go to, and the first one I chose to go to was talking about what makes a good news broadcast story and what elements are needed to make a good story. 

The second session I went to was about how emotions and feelings play into a story, and we were shown an Emmy-winning video about the Jump Around tradition at the University of Wisconsin Madison. The lady who had created the video was giving the speech, passed her Emmy around in the crowd, and I was even able to get a picture with it.

After the two breakout sessions there was a larger session with Packer broadcasters Larry McCarren and Wayne Larrivee speaking about their experience in broadcasting and offering advice for those interested in getting into broadcasting as a career. 

After that we had lunch and then there was a job fair in the atrium of Lambeau with a lot of activities to do. We recorded soundbites for 101 WiXX,  had our pictures taken by a professional and read off a scrolling teleprompter with Action 2 News. Pamela Lepscier and Cassi Garrison, who were on the field trip with me, got to do a weather report with a green screen while I called Play by Play highlights of the Packer and Dallas game with Dominic D’Angelo and Carson Glosny. 

The day wrapped up with an award ceremony where we were thrilled to see Dominic D’Angelo win first place for sports broadcasting in high school. 

The WLUK field trip took place this past Monday and was also an amazing experience. 

We started off with being able to see Good Day Wisconsin filmed live. We sat in the studio while they were live and watched how the newscasters prepared and delivered the news each day. 

We were also able to see the control room where the professionals controlled the broadcast. Afterwards we were able to talk to some of the people that ran the news studio, and they discussed career opportunities that the studio had to offer. 

I am always thankful to the AV Productions Class that has given me such opportunities as these, and as always I highly recommend joining this class. It is very rewarding.

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