Drama Club Offers Fun, Friendship and Theater Games


Sophie Hornberger, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Love was in the air in the South Commons on Valentine’s Day at a lunch and advisory Drama Club meeting. Club members had Valentine’s Day snacks while acting out various short Valentine- themed comedies. 

Stories included weddings on playgrounds, doctors’ appointment, and a Shakespearian spoof titled “Romayo and Juliet.” 

The club, run by English teacher and musical director Andrea Gilson, offers an opportunity for students to be involved in drama and the theater program in a more informal way. 

Club meetings typically involve reading scripts, playing theater games or other various activities. The theater games might be familiar to those who have taken “Public Performance” class before, with some student favorites including “Koom Cha,” a chanting game that involves doing various gestures at an increasing pace; “Awkward Family Photos,” where students replicate hilariously bad family portraits; and “ABC Improv” where students act out improv scenes, while starting each sentence with the next letter in the alphabet. 

Along with regular meetings throughout the school year, many members of Drama Club help at Notre Dame’s “Drama Camp” hosted for middle school students in the summer. This allows students to continue to be involved with NDA drama over the summer, while gaining service hours and sharing a love for theater with younger students. 

Overall, Drama Club is a great opportunity for students to be creative and get involved without some of the pressure that comes from being involved in full shows such as the musical and play. It allows students to get more comfortable acting and leaving their comfort zone while having a great time with their peers. 

I personally have always loved being a member of Drama Club as a way to get away from the stress of school and spend time with my friends. Drama Club meetings always have a great non-judgmental atmosphere to be creative, loud and outgoing. 

I would definitely recommend to anyone that they join Drama Club. Not only will you have a fun time, but you will make friends along the way, and maybe gain interest in getting more involved with theater at Notre Dame Academy.