Yearbook Adviser Feels ‘Found’ by NDA, Relives Best High School Experience Here


Jacob VanOoyen, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Yearbook, a pivotal part of remembering high school, was formerly a class dedicated to creating and designing the yearbook but has now become a club. After Mrs. LaJoe left Notre Dame, there was nobody to run the yearbook.

 After a personal recommendation from NDA’s Mrs. Carolyn Brown, sophomore SNC student Ana Karedemas took the position of yearbook moderator. 

“Ms. K was super with my students,” said Brown, who served as her mentor during the  semester she was observing at NDA.  “When I found out yearbook had been her favorite high school activity, I suggested her to Mr. Masarik as yearbook adviser.” 

With Karedemas now having experienced one full year as year book moderator and having produced one yearbook, she has gotten the hang of things at NDA. 

Karademas is originally from Milwaukee and went to school there from kindergarten all the way until graduating high school. 

She then continued her education at St Norbert College, studying English and education.

 “I like to say that Notre Dame found me more than I found it,” said Karademas.

Karademas was the editor-in-chief of the yearbook when she was in high school and is very informed on the history of it as well. 

“The history of the yearbook is fascinating–hopefully not just to me,” she explained. “The modern concept of a yearbook that we think of can date back to 1806 at Yale University. At that time, however, permanent photographs hadn’t been invented. Instead, the publication used silhouettes of students.” 

 Yearbook meets on Tuesdays after school and on Thursday during both lunch periods. Students  interested in getting involved can reach out to Ana Karedemas by email @[email protected].