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Sophomore Lilia Root Making, Selling Egg Rolls to Fund Internship in Thailand

Sophomore Lilia Root Making, Selling Egg Rolls to Fund Internship in Thailand
John Root

Lilia Root is working to raise $20,000 so that she and her brother can complete an internship in Thailand this summer. Her fundraising work is making and selling egg rolls.

The internship is run by the Global Leadership Adventure and gives students the opportunity to travel and complete an internship in Thailand. The program runs for three weeks from the end of June to mid – July. 

The internship focuses on exploring careers in medicine and healthcare and is a way for students to dive deep into those fields. It offers ample, unique opportunities like observing and assisting doctors and other hospital staff, completing a service project to benefit a community, visiting an elephant sanctuary and national park, and engaging with the youth in schools and children’s hospitals.

“I’m very interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, specifically in work with the marginalized,” said Root. During the trip, she would have the opportunity to work with underprivileged groups and communities. 

Root’s grandparents also immigrated from Laos to Thailand after WWII, so she hopes to discover more about her culture and herself while she’s there. 

The internship also gives Root the opportunity to explore a healthcare system that isn’t in the United States and to see how different healthcare systems impact different communities. She hopes that she will gain a “unique perspective” on global health and a greater perspective on healthcare. 

“I will gain college credits, internship hours, volunteer hours and an unforgettable experience,” said Root.  

Root originally got the idea to sell egg rolls from her older sister, who was a competitive dancer. She had many fees she needed to pay, and she was looking for a way to earn money. 

“She sought a way to raise money and began the tradition of selling egg rolls,” said the sophomore. 

Although making egg rolls sounds like an easy task, it is far from it. Root uses her grandmother’s original egg roll recipe from Laos. She and her brother wake up around 3a.m. and cut all the vegetables with their mom. They begin to roll the egg rolls around 5 a.m.., and can usually fill a tray with 50 rolls in about ten minutes. 

Her dad fries the egg rolls, and by 1 p.m. they have usually made around 900-1,200 egg rolls. They then package the egg rolls, sometimes including a homemade peanut sauce, and wait for their customers to pick up their orders. 

“I’ve been selling egg rolls for about a year now, and I find it to be an enjoyable way to connect with my culture,” said Root. Making and selling the egg rolls is also a chance for Root to share her culture with the Green Bay community. 

“Green Bay lacks a diversity of food, and we saw it as a chance to not only raise money but also provide an option for those looking for a change,” said Root. 

Through the process to raise money for the internship and complete the internship, Root hopes to bridge cultures and support the future of global health initiatives. She believes that the journey isn’t just about her and her brother but also about “contributing to a larger cause, enhancing healthcare practices and fostering cultural understanding.”

“As I said before, I’ve been selling egg rolls for about a year, and I won’t deny it’s hard work. I do believe it is all worth it in the end, especially if the sales can help me reach my goal,” she said.

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  • M

    Maureen VolkApr 19, 2024 at 11:25 am

    How do i find out more about this? I would like to support Lilia! Thank you.

    • A

      adviserApr 20, 2024 at 6:39 am

      I see her every day, will tell her about your comment. She says they’ll be cooking in a couple weeks; I want to buy some too!