Senior Player Comments on Powderpuff Games

Tori Gantz, Staff Writer, Journalism I

NDA Student government head executive Frau Laaksonen expressed her concern about the competitive atmosphere of Monday night’s Fall Festival powderpuff games.

“The whole thing is I just want people to have fun,” said Laaksonen. Students need to understand that there should not be an immense emphasis on a championship victory rather “you should just do your best at the time.”

The freshman squad, led by Georgia Gregoire and Claire Noble, took a surprising lead over the seniors.

After two rounds of anticipated victory, the senior class began to mis-communicate.

Although the coaches did their best to play all girls equally, the senior class had over 47 participants. In being the largest powderpuff team at NDA, the talent and excitement was difficult to balance.

The freshmen did not substitute out their players as often as other teams, nonetheless their players were consistent.

Seniors did not take the 28-21 loss lightly, and their sportsmanship was questioned.

“Whenever you bring something back, every year you learn that you’re going to do something in a different way,” recounted Laaksonen.

Each year that the activity is continued she learns of new strategies for improvement. This year, Laaksonen specifically gave high praise to the male coaches and referees of the activity.

Impartiality has been a large part of the program’s restoration.

Andrew Grussen, senior class president, played a main role in the return of powderpuff football. “He’s very persuasive,” said Laaksonen.

This was the second consecutive year of girls football, but the first time that it was held under the lights since reemergence.

After watching many unfair games, refereed in accordance with seniority, Grussen expressed his disappointment to the student government. Because he was also class president during this Fall Festival season, Laaksonen was willing to listen.

The girls football program was not a part of the 2015-2016 school year. Laaksonen admitted, “I didn’t want powderpuff back. I had no desire.”

As an additional activity to the fall dance, powderpuff football was only supposed to be fun.

In truth, she said that getting too competitive “is counterproductive to our mission.”

Students of NDA are encouraged, especially during the celebratory week of Fall Fest, to embody the core values that have been outlined by the institution for years.

Not only should all participants be ‘in communio’ throughout their games, but players can have a competitive edge without being immature.

In winning, “you don’t get to meet the mayor or the governor; there’s nothing too special that happens,” said Laaksonen. The honor of a victory, sportsmanship of students, and fun for the game are the ultimate goals of the powderpuff football program.

The sophomore class won their first game to the juniors, but followed that with a loss to the victorious freshman. The junior class did not win either of their games Monday night.

Next year, Laaksonen plans to continue the powderpuff tradition with Ryan “Fuzz” French stepping up as assistant coordinator.

Prepare your teams, underclassmen.