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Academy Chatter: What was the highlight of your summer?

Academy Chatter:  What was the highlight of your summer?

Adam Nienow, senior: “Getting to sleep in and going fishing often.”

Shaun Huss, sophomore: “I went to football practice a lot, went swimming a tun.”

Avaliliana Zamora, senior: “I went to a lot of concerts, and I hung out with friends a lot.”

Ian Anderson, junior: “Just worked for people, went to the gym a lot and played lots of video games.”

Stephanie Huss, senior: “I hung out with my friends a lot, went on a lot of different trips like Florida.”

Ms.Gerl, staff: “Spending time in Door County.”

Sue Mc Ginnity, staff:  “ My son graduated from college.” 

Kimberly Martinez, freshman: “ Hanging out with friends. “

Ricky Baez, sophomore: “Riding my bike.” 

Emmanuel Martin Del Campo, freshman: “ Sleeping in.“

Riley Hess, senior: “Touring a promising college campus.” 

Eliza Campbell, staff: “Going to a Taylor Swift concert.”

Andrea Hearden, principal: Brigadoon.

Isaac Vera Galino, junior: “Getting out of my comfort zone.”

A.J. Giovanetti, staff: “Spending time up north fishing”

Lily Arkens, junior: “I had my golden birthday and had a big party with all of my friends.”

Cassi Garrison, junior: “Going to Wisconsin Dells.”

Klarissa Peters, senior: “Playing softball with my summer team.”

Zoe Holubar, junior: “Not being in school and being able to golf and read.”

Vinnie Giovanetti, sophomore: “I went to EAA AirVenture and took pictures.’

Wyatt Blevins, sophomore: “Going to see my grandparents in Oklahoma.” 

Adriana Zaray Garza Rosales,  sophomore:   “I hung out with my friends.”

Lindsay Ortega,  freshman : “Going to California.”

Ngclam Nguyen, sophomore: “Going to Vietnam.”

Lilliana Poleman, sophomore : “Getting  to see my friends.”

Amelia Butz, freshman: “Spending the Fourth with my cousins.”

Mrs. Leisgang, staff: “My highlight was probably getting better at crochet.”

Mrs. Cinotto, staff: “Getting to see friends from college.”
Mrs. Brown, staff: “Having all my family here for a week in early August.”
Mikayla Jacque, freshman: “Visiting Minnesota.”
Marieyls Garza, freshman: “My highlight of my summer was going to Mexico to see my family.”
Yasminn Ramos Cruz, freshman: “The highlight of my summer was being at peace.”
Jaime Aguilar Morales, freshman: “The highlight of my summer was seeing and caring for my grandma after an incident.”
Alejandra Vazquez Ordaz, freshman: “The best part of my summer is being and spending time with my family.”
Jerson Torres, freshman: “The highlight of my summer was spending quality time  with my best friend.”
Rachel Foley-King, freshman: “Going to Wyoming.”
Arlett Garcia, freshman: “Playing soccer.”
Bella Hill, freshman: “Going camping.”
Lolita Matos, freshman: “Going swimming.”
Lily Gretzinger, freshman: “Spending time visiting with family in Michigan.”
Austin L’Empereur, freshman: “Going to New York.”
Gabby Waldrop, freshman: “Going to Washington Island with my family.”
Addison Drust, freshman: “Getting to hang out with my friends.”
Sam Coppock, freshman: “Going to a bike race.”
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