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Wolcanski Challenges Fellow Seniors to “Soar”


“Watch Us Soar.” 

This message was displayed by the seniors at last week’s football game, and it serves as the senior class’s message to the other grades of Notre Dame Academy. 

After three years of watching other classes, it is now our time to soar. To change, to grow and to eventually leave. . . but what does it mean to be a senior? 

“It means that I’m even closer to finishing my high school years and will move onto something greater afterwards,” said senior Liam Blakney.

“It’s the reward you get after going through high school after three years. And it feels great,” said senior Royce Guo.

I have been thinking about this myself for a while now. What does it mean to be a senior and what does it mean to soar? 

Sure, as a senior you get perks, like being able to leave school early. However, there also is great responsibility that comes with this position. 

We are now the student leaders of this school. We can’t just hide away when things must be done. We have to confront problems and try our best to help. 

To me, being a senior means to help those younger than us. Help those that were once in our shoes. Help show an example of how to be good Tritons. We all remember how intimidating it can be coming into high school as a freshman, and we seniors are supposed to help ease that anxiety.  

But what does soaring mean? I think it means to thrive. Watch us thrive. We only have one year left of high school so watch us enjoy it. Watch us get involved and accomplish all the things we wanted to and did not before this year.

So I challenge the senior class to soar. 

Do the things that you have always wished to do but were afraid of. Make this final year of high school count and do something that will make the school remember this class and think of it as one of the best classes this school has ever seen. 

Now is our time to soar. . . so let’s go out there and conquer it.    

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  • B

    Becky L BainSep 11, 2023 at 4:05 pm

    This is awesome! I have no doubt this class will soar!!