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Interested in Healthcare for a Career? Check out Health, Medicine and Society Club

Interested in Healthcare for a Career?  Check out Health, Medicine and Society Club

 National survey statistics show that more than one third of high school students are likely to pursue a career in an in-demand field. Many of these careers were in the healthcare or society field. 

Another survey shows that a high 45.3 percent of students surveyed are contemplating working in the health/medical care field.

 However, working in the medical field is a long and tough process. You need a decent amount of experience working as an assistant in the field just to get considered being accepted into a medical college.

If you were to ask me “What can be done to better prepare these students for their future careers?” I would tell you a good start would be joining the Health, Medicine and Society club. 

This club aims to support students in preparation for future health careers by having speakers from colleges and different medical fields come, activities related to job careers, hands- on learning, group discussions, and particular learning opportunities ( like becoming a CNA, or  healthcare summer camps,) and possible field trips. 

My favorite thing so far has been when a radiologist came to our class and showed us an x-ray of his arm. Although this is not what I’m usually interested in, I thought it was cool that you could see all the different veins and skin cells illuminated on the x-ray display .

Another great thing about this club is that it meets every few weeks and is always open to new ideas for meetings as well as members. Mrs. Joy Mayer is a very welcoming leader of the club.

When you are in this club listening to others speak, it truly feels like you are in a safe community with those who share your interests. This helps to strengthen you for when you will show your interests to others and explain why you want to work in a specific field.

This is why I truly feel that the  Health, Medicine, & Society club is fun and beneficial to all those considering a career in the medical field. I would strongly recommend this club for anyone who is curious on how to best prepare for a future career in healthcare.

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