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Should More Students Go On School Retreats?


Should more students go on school retreats? Recently 12 NDA students, including myself, attended an overnight retreat to the Wynncliff Retreat Center in Cleveland, Wisconsin. 

I wanted to go on this trip as a leader to not only share my story, but also to let people know that God is with us through every dark time in our lives. I also wanted to go on this retreat because I knew that it was a good way to grow closer to God. 

This retreat was a good way not only to bond with underclassmen but to grow your bond with God. It is a time of quiet reflection and prayer, away from the daily routine, to examine one’s life in the presence of Jesus Christ: to see what is going well, to see what needs to change, to make resolutions and to ask for forgiveness. 

That trip literally was so perfect because I grew closer to God, but I also helped others grow in their faith. It’s also a good way to hear other people’s experiences and stories.

It’s also a good way to bond with other underclassmen but also people in your class. This trip made me truly realize that God is there for you even if you don’t believe He is. 

He’s also there for you when you make a mistake. He’ll always be there to pick you up when you have fallen, like a parent picks their child up when they have fallen down.

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