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Teacher Praises Dr. Warpinski’s Memoir, Urges NDA Community to Read It

Teacher Praises Dr. Warpinskis Memoir, Urges NDA Community to Read It

Jim Warpinski’s memoir Rewriting the Script is a must-read for anyone who knows Dr. Warpinski and the challenges his immediate family faces, a must-read for us Baby Boomers who remember what it was like to play outside until the streetlights came on, a must-read for anyone whose passion for their career makes juggling family life a challenge, and a must-read for anyone anywhere who wonders how God fits into living one’s life.  

“Mrs. Brown, you ought to go hear my daddy teach.”  Those words from Dr. Warpinski’s daughter led my husband and me to visit his Sunday morning Bible study, and we never went back to our former church.  We weren’t seeking a new church, but Jim Warpinski was THAT good as a teacher. And, in many ways, Rewriting the Script is simply Warpinski teaching on paper. 

He is brutally honest, sometimes so vulnerable that you cry for him.  The challenges he faced as a youngster abandoned by the hero of his life, his father, will break your heart. The challenges he faces even now within his own family. . . .you will discover how faith and love and sacrifice make an inspiring story.  

The book is a fast read and readily available on Amazon; indeed, I read it on a weekend flying to and from Texas  But it’s a powerful read that will make you grateful for what you have and driven to know God the way Jim Warpinski knows Him.             

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