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Academy Chatter: What Did You Enjoy Most About the Academy Awards?

Academy Chatter:  What Did You Enjoy Most About the Academy Awards?

Ellie Rupp, freshman: “Seeing a lot of my friends be the rampateers or them being in the acts.”

Sydney Baue, freshman: “Watching all the acts.”

Tyler Schwarten, sophomore: “Watching Tommy win with Alaina.”

Tommy Chosa, sophomore: “It was a lot of fun practicing and the build up before the actual show.” 

Eliza Campbell, staff: “When Syd and Alaina got 1st and 2nd.”

Deacon Wery, freshman: “Performing in Sydney Whitehouse’s act and being the best dancer.”

Landon Korpal, freshman: “Probably the Q&A or seeing that Sydney got 2nd place.”

Ellanor Nowak, freshman: “Being a rampateer and walking out in front of the crowd.”

Evie Tadych, sophomore: “Pablo Cuene’s act.” 

Maddy Wied, sophomore: “Being in the show and being backstage.”

Josalyn White, sophomore: “Watching my friend Syd get second place and watching everyone I know in acts or in videos.”

Miranda Leisgang, staff: “My favorite thing about the Academy Awards is how unique everyone’s talents are! It’s always exciting to see what talents people are hiding.”

Brooke Huss, senior: “My favorite performance at the Academy Awards was Pablo Cuene. He was my favorite because he differed from any other performances that night.”

Josh Metzentine, senior: “I would say probably my favorite thing about the show was how much Mr Bobinski absolutely drilled Anthony with those interview questions.”

 Nikhil Janas, sophomore: “My favorite part in the Academy Awards was when my friend Tommy Chosa took off his beanie to show he had shaved and bleached his head to look like Eminem.”

Shaun Huss, sophomore: “My favorite part was seeing Tommy Chosa walk out on stage with dyed hair.”

Briana Flores, sophomore: “I liked being able to be part of the show. It was a great experience.” 

Lilliana Poehlmann, sophomore:  “My favorite part of Academy Awards was seeing everyone do what they had been working really hard to do, whether it be the performers, rampateers, or tech crew.”

Noé Lagrandeur, junior: “Everything was new to me, but I’m glad I got to experience it. My favorite part was Sydney’s act. I think the Academy Awards are a beautiful tradition.” 

Charlie Gertsner, senior:  “My favorite part of the Academy Awards was either bonding with other contestants backstage or  getting to do what I love and perform in front of an amazing audience.”

Lindsay Ortega, freshman:  “I thought  the entrance videos for each person were very creative.”

Lily Gretzinger, freshman: “I liked watching the videos and getting to know the contestants through their humor.”

Denise Garcia, freshman:  “I liked Alaina’s intro video where she was rolling around on the ground; I didn’t expect her to do that literally. I also liked the Christmas dance act.”

Bella Hill, freshman: “I liked the introduction videos, set lights and the bubbles.”

Senora Stover, staff: “Of course it was being in Sydney Whitehouse’s video!”

Audrey Fortney, freshman: “I enjoyed working on tech crew. It was fun seeing people’s faces light up with joy.”

Breanna Schwarten, freshman: “My favorite part was watching the videos at the beginning.” 

Ellie Rupp, freshman: “I liked when they walked out with the rampteers.” 

Audrey Zaruba, freshman: “My favorite part was watching the acts. They were all very funny and enjoyable to watch.”

Valeria Mercado, freshman: “I really enjoyed watching all the acts.” 

Gabriella Waldrop, freshman: “My favorite part was watching all the videos.” 

Miles Hunter, sophomore: “I liked watching my brother do a weird dance.” 

Kevin Angoa, senior: “I thought the lighting was really cool.”

Brooke Huss, senior: “Pablo’s act was my favorite part.”

Tommy Ott, junior: “Danny’s act was really funny.”

Ava Parker, junior: “My favorite thing was being able to see the variety of acts and being with friends.” 

Amelia Butz, freshman: “I enjoyed watching all of the acts.”

Mikayla Jacque, freshman: “I liked going with my friend and seeing what others performed.”

Elle Ryan, freshman: “Seeing my friends rampateer.”

Lindsay Ortega Alvarado, freshman: “The effects and seeing my friends.”

Ms. Joan Cinotto, staff: “Seeing all of the students getting up there and sharing their talents.”

Jerson Torres, freshman: “The most enjoyable part of Academy Awards was seeing the diversity in personalities with each contestant and rampteers.”

Jazalynn Ramos Cruz, freshman: “Honestly, I think the most enjoyable part of the Academy awards was seeing the variety of talents people had, and I believe each contestant did a great job in performing their hearts out.”

Sofia Sepulveda, freshman: “The Academy Awards was such an amazing show, but what stood out to me was the creativity each contestant presented.”

Aurora Bautista, freshman: “The most enjoyable part of Academy Awards was seeing everyone’s entry videos and their creativity with them.”

Yasmin Ramos Cruz: “The most entertaining and enjoyable part of Academy Awards was seeing one of the rampteers dress up as Eminem. The dedication towards the act was inspiring!”




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