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What Makes a Teacher a Golden Apple Kind of Teacher?

What Makes a Teacher a Golden Apple Kind of Teacher?

Luke Gilson, sophomore: “If they truly love their students and have a passion for learning.”

Jenaya Lachowski, sophomore: “One who respects people’s opinions.”

Lillianna Poehlmann, sophomore: “A Golden Apple kind of teacher is the type of teacher that listens and makes connections with students. Teachers that you aren’t  scared to approach but are welcoming. Teachers that are easy teachers, not because they don’t care/don’t try but good because they try and help things that don’t make sense make sense.”

Bryson Pappas, junior: “For a teacher to be worthy of a Golden Apple, to me they have to be willing to go to each student individually and make them excited about their class. This can happen with cool projects instead of standardized testing and just being on a personal level with his/her students. Those are what to me makes a teacher deserving of a Golden Apple.”

Charlie Gertsner, junior: “A Golden Apple kind of a teacher provides not only knowledge but also a learning atmosphere in the classroom. A Golden Apple kind of a teacher is enthusiastic about the subject that they teach and should be able to clearly communicate their lessons in a thought-provoking and interactive way. These kinds of teachers understand students by building relationships and planting seeds in students’ minds to help them grow as students, people, and, in the our case, disciples in Christ.”

Ethan Lecaptain, junior: “What makes a teacher a Golden Apple kind of teacher is commitment and seeing the good in every student. When you are committed, it means you are going above and beyond every day to help the students truly learn what they need to learn. It might seem cliche, but when a teacher truly sees the good in a student, they know what the student is capable of and they continue to push them to their limits, while encouraging and assisting them along the way if they run into any trouble.”

Owen Schwarten, junior: “What makes a teacher into a Golden Apple teacher is their passion for teaching. They don’t just do it as a job; they really want to help kids and set them up for success. Their energy is contagious and their class is a bright spot in their students’ days. You can be the best lesson-giver, but if you don’t have a passion and drive to help your students, then you will struggle to make a real impact on them.”

Miranda Goral, senior: “By showing dedication to the success and education of their students.”

Irene Ertman, sophomore: “Being understanding and caring about the students they teach.”

Gavin Gretzinger, junior: “A Golden Apple kind of teacher should be able to teach all of their students where they are at.”

Anya Tadych, sophomore: “What makes a Golden Apple teacher to me is a teacher who is kind and empathetic but also focused on the learning of all students and their academic needs.”

Violet Korpal, junior: “I think a teacher who genuinely tries to get to know you as a person while helping you and challenging you as a student .”

Mia Miller, junior: “A teacher who wants to help outside of the classroom.”

Laetitia Zankoul, senior: “Someone who is nice to their students.”

Evie Tadych, sophomore: “I would say a Golden Apple teacher is one who truly cares about the students and not just their grades.”

Maame Asiamah, junior: “I think what makes the teacher a Golden Apple kind of teacher is when they reach out to students and make room for all methods of teaching.”

Greta Fangman, junior: “A teacher who you can tell cares for their students is deserving of a Golden Apple.”

Emma Zankoul, junior: “A teacher who really cares about their students’ goals and tries to make them achieve it in the classroom.”

Amelia Chrudimsky, junior: “A Golden Apple teacher is somebody who listens to and caters to every student.”

Kinsey Gallagher, junior: “A Golden Apple kind of teacher is one who is interactive and keeps the kids engaged and involved in the work. One who has a passion in what they do and people are easily able to see that.”

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