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What Makes a Teacher a ‘Golden Apple’ Kind of Teacher?

What Makes a Teacher a Golden Apple Kind of Teacher?

Frannie Wied, junior: “Going out of their way to help students understand a topic.” 

Savannah Schultz, junior: “Caring for students outside of their grades.” 

Maddie Hilts, junior: “Being able to relate to students.” 

Pip Schneider, junior: “Being patient with students.” 

Madison Malo, junior: “Being able to answer questions without getting frustrated.” 

Klarissa Peters, senior: “They genuinely care about what we’re learning, and they are excited to teach.” 

Hededy Kussow, junior: “They take care about what we are learning in class, and they also learn from students. They are open to communication.” 

Lydia Schneider, junior: “ They show leadership in the classroom.”

Ella Gelb, junior: “They prioritize students’ well-being.” 

Megan Gelb, junior: “ They communicate with students well.” 

Abby Lamere, junior: “They interact with students.” 

Kendall Ronsman, junior: “They are open and understanding of students.”

Delaney Mcinnis, junior: “They have an ability to bond with students.”

Sam Mach, junior: They have a good relationship with students and teach well in class.” 

Elizabeth Schounard, junior: “Joking with students and matching their energy.” 

Maame Asiamah, junior: “Someone who listens to the concerns of the students.”

Brianna Jooss, junior: “Someone who cares for the students and wants the best for them.” 

Madeleine Wied, sophomore: “When teachers make sure that you fully understand a subject.” 

Pamela Lepscier, junior: “Their investment in the students.” 

Reagan Degroot, sophomore: “Someone who is invested in their students and cares about their education.”

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