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Choir Director Brings Show Choir Back to NDA, Announces Cast for This Semester

Choir Director Brings Show Choir Back to NDA, Announces Cast for This Semester

Wednesday Choir Director Maria Hinnendael announced the Show Choir cast for this semester.  Performers include Mama-Kyema Asiamah, Amelia Chrudimsky, Isabelle Fergus, Maddie Wied, Pamela Jacome, Teddy Lemoine, Max Janick and Matthew Moulton.

The Show Choir band is in the making as Hinnendael “is waiting to confirm the bass and guitarist” but acknowledged James Hermes will play drums and Lily Gretzinger the piano.

The Guys and Gals Swing Choir was an established ensemble at NDA for many years with a reputation of great performances,” shared Hinnendael. 

The group was known for their dancing, great arrangements, star singers, strong group numbers, and, of course, the dresses and tuxedos.

This year’s show choir, called NDA Singers, will offer students the opportunity to perform in a small group and experience all of the “show biz” involved in theater. 

“I have hopes that this performing group can create a supportive community where students feel backed by each other on stage, and in life as well,” said Hinnendael. 

The group will be small at firs,t but they will grow over time. They will practice after school instead of before, as Hinnendael says, “We singers are not a fan of singing early in the morning.”

You can expect a mix of popular music and Broadway songs from the NDA Singers, from current hits to classic songs.

“We will perform great arrangements of everything from 80s ballads to jams from the 90s and 2000s and current songs you would hear on Spotify,” shared Hinnendael. 

For dancing, the group will have a dance captain as well as guest choreographers to coordinate their movements. 

“The goal is for movement to enhance the music in a purposeful way. A strong visual aspect can be such a great addition to great singing,” Hinnendael said. 

An NDA graduate, Hinnendael says she has been a “show choir geek as long as I can remember.”

She was in Tritones her senior year of high school, as well as Knights on Broadway at St. Norbert College. 

Knights on Broadway will have a strong partnership with NDA Singers; they will perform shows together, and NDA students will have the opportunity to be mentored by them.

“There are also plans in the works for a “Future NDA Singers” show choir camp, where middle schoolers will have the chance to work with our students for a week and give a performance,” said Hinnendael. 

You can catch the show choir performing March 21 at Cabaret Night as well as their  Spring Choral Pops Concert on May 13. In the future, the group will travel around the area performing, such as going on a grade school Christmas tour and performing at various shows and festivals.



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