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Pamela Lepscier Discusses Being Native American, Why She Loves NDA


“Sometimes I feel smothered and alone, but there are times where it doesn’t matter at all, and that’s why I love this school and the amazing support. Being Native American is something more to me. I love representing my culture in more ways than one,” said junior Pamela Lepscier.

Lepscier, a junior here at Notre Dame Academy, is a Menominee Native American.

“My favorite tradition is the art of dancing in our culture. Powwows are the best, and they are always so livid. I’ve had a dance fancy shawl since I was about 6 years old and can’t see myself without it,” Lepscier said. 

Lepscier lives on the Menominee reservation in Shawano.

“One of the hard parts about being Native American is definitely the discrimination part of it, like there are times people will say the wrong words and offend others whether trying to be funny or not. On my reservation it was the education part of it, and that’s another reason I go to Notre Dame,” she said.

Despite hardship, Lepscier still finds ways to get involved with her culture by participating in the NAIG games. 

“NAIG, sometimes dubbed the Native American Olympics, are held every four years around the States and Canada. In 2023 it was in Nova Scotia, Canada, on their home island. It’s a big tournament of all different sports and meant to bring indigenous people together,” she explained.

“I played in the 19u division for softball,” she added.

Lepscier also spoke in front of the parents at Triton Fest with part of her speech being in the Menominee language. 

“If I could share one thing with others, it would be our lost language. Menominee has its own language although throughout history we were taught it was bad and lost it. We call it our lost language,” Lepscier said. 


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