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Q & A With Outgoing Student Body President, Jair Rincon-Simon


With graduation on the horizon, the end of Student Body President Jair Rincon-Simon’s term as the student leader of Student Government approaches . Ben Wolcanski asked him some questions about the importance of Student Government and what it does.

Q: What are the responsibilities of the Student Body President?
“The responsibilities of the Student Body President are as follows: to organize the meetings that are held mostly every other Friday, lead the meetings, work with teachers and students to organize school events and create new ideas.”

Q: What are the other positions in Student Government?
“There are several opportunities to be part of Student Government. You can be part of the Executive Board as an elected position like a Class President, FanMan, Mermaid, Senate and Outreach Vice-Presidents, and other administrative positions which are voted into the Executive Board. Other ways to be part of Student Government are through the Senate Branch as a Class Senator or an Outreach Representative which are positions that you apply and are interviewed in. The last branch but definitely not least is the recently created branch of Academy Fans.”

Q: What are the responsibilities of these roles?
“Any role in Student Government has the responsibility to express the opinion and voice of the student body. Serving in Student Government is a privilege as you represent your class of about 175-250 people.”

Q: Why are these positions important?
“These positions are important to create a better understanding between the Student Body and the School. It is in place to give a voice to the students and express our opinions and events that we want to be done. It serves as a way to be able to create special memories for the student body by planning great and fun events.”

Q: Why is it important to have elections for these roles?
“It is important to have elections so the Student Body can have a choice who they want to be their representative for their class, for Class Presidents, and a representative for the whole student body, Student Body President.”

Q: What advice do you have for newly elected people?<
“The advice I give to newly elected people is that they should focus on placing Student Government as one of their priorities. Student Government positions place you in a position in which you express the voice of the student body and that is important. Also, always try to focus your ideas and plans towards what would make a better student body, and increase more of our school values.”

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Benjamin Wolcanski
Benjamin Wolcanski, Staff Writer
Ben Wolcanski is a senior at NDA and is entering his second year of writing for the Tritionian. Besides writing for the Tritionian, Ben also works for the Triton News on camera and off. He is enthusiastic about history and loves playing video games in his free time. In journalism, he likes writing opinion pieces and news stories. 

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