NDA Serves Set for April 10

Sophia Kummers, Staff Writer

Service is the action of helping or doing work for someone. It is when you contribute your time to help those who need it.

NDA Serves is an annual day of service where all the students, faculty, and staff at Notre Dame sign up to help out an  organization or business in the Green Bay area. This year it will take place on Thursday, April 10.

NDA Serves is a chance for everyone to learn about the needs of people in the community. According to the Notre Dame website, it is considered a school day and attendance will be taken, but it is a day off from studying where everyone gets to help out the Green Bay community in some way.

“I think it’s wonderful! It’s good to get everyone involved in service around the community and for kids to know the needs of the people in the community,” said Mrs. Donna Clement who is in charge of NDA Serves.

This is the 16th annual NDA Serves but the school has done service projects in the past. In the 1990s Notre Dame would have a walkathon and students would get pledges for the fundraiser. Then it changed to doing service with pledges, but eventually it became what it is today, said Mrs. Clement.

Students have already signed up for where they would like to do service. Some places that are involved are local parishes, schools, nursing homes, the Salvation Army, Paul’s Pantry, and the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. The website lists over 80 places students could have signed up for, and students are usually at the site for a total of 3-4 hours according to Mrs. Clement.

One popular service site is The Salvation Army which lists dusting and vacuuming as well as stocking the shelves and setting and serving lunch as the volunteer activities, according to the school website.

“Doing service is important. It is part of our core values at Notre Dame and it makes a person feel good to serves others,” said English teacher Mrs. Jean  Thillman who will be volunteering at the Salvation Army Community Center.

NDA parents also have the opportunity to do service with their child or at any of the sites that could use some extra help. Most of the sites need either five, ten, fifteen, twenty, or twenty five people, said Mrs. Clement

Students are also to find their own means of transportation to the places where they are doing service.

“Service is important because it benefits the community and helps people out,” said junior Carter Jacobson.

Q&A with NDA Freshman Kendall Lisowski

NDA Serves

Q: Do you enjoy doing service?

A: “Yeah, I like to help out the community when I can.”

Q: Do you think service is important for people your age?

A: “Yes it’s definitely important for all students, and it’s one of Notre Dame’s core values.”

Q: Do you think NDA Serves is a good thing?

A: “Yeah I think it’s fun to get to go someplace with my friends and help people out at the same time.”