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CNA Certification May Be a Reality for Next Year’s Seniors


This year’s juniors recently had an exciting possibility open up to them: earning their CNA certification at Notre Dame Academy. 

A CNA certification allows students to work at nursing homes, hospitals or other places as a nursing assistant, and helps them prepare for a medical career. 

Mr. Christian Dory has been spearheading the effort to get this class in place at NDA. 

“If a student is interested in pursuing a career in any medicine or medical science field, becoming a CNA is the first step into that world,” said Dory. “Strict privacy laws are inherent in the field of medicine; therefore, having a CNA is essential for having a legitimate reason to be in the room with any patients.”

This certification would be through Bellin College, and 12 students need to commit through the Google Form for it to happen.

The class would occur next year, and seniors would attend it during their 8th hour, which they have off from school. 

It would include 30 hours of lecture, which would be around 40 classes or eight to nine weeks.

After the 30 hours are completed, seniors would get their 8th-hour privilege back. 

Students would also need to complete 18 hours of clinical studies at the hospital, which they could do on weekends or nights. 

They would also need to do 40 hours of labs at Bellin College, which is also on weekends and nights. 

The class will only be open to seniors and will cost $500 per student. 

Many CNA courses cost over 1,000 dollars, so the NDA program is a great way for students to earn the certification.

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