Cyrus Makes Twerky Transition to Adulthood

Miley Cyrus began her career on the Disney hit show Hannah Montana, where she played an average teenage girl who also lived a double life as a popstar.  Since the show ended in 2011, Cyrus has made several bold statements to prove she is not the “goody-girl” she portrayed on the show.

In 2009, Cyrus performed her hit song “Party in the USA” at the Teen Choice Awards.  Much controversy was stirred up due to her dancing beside a pole on top of an ice cream cart.  However, this is nothing compared to her most recent outbursts.

Last year, the singer tweeted pictures of her freshly colored blonde hair being chopped off into a new pixie cut.  Many of her fans, also known as smilers, were heartbroken when they saw her beautiful long locks had been cut.


This past June, Cyrus released her music video for the summer smash “We Can’t Stop.”  The video was full of women in tight clothing twerking and making inappropriate and gaudy gestures.  The lyrics to the song are not much better, persuading listeners to do drugs and party.


After the release of the music video for her latest single “Wrecking Ball,” many thought it was inappropriate for the singer to be naked in some scenes.  I think many forget that other artists such as Katy Perry and Rihanna, have also filmed nude scenes and have not drawn as much attention.

Cyrus’s performance at the Video Music Awards this past August also brought up much controversy.  She wore skimpy clothing, made inappropriate gestures, and was twerking on singer Robin Thicke.  Many people viewed this as inappropriate and unprofessional.

I believe Miley Cyrus is making these statements because she enjoys the attention, even if it is negative.  She has been the talk of the tabloids recently, and owes much of her success to that.  After all of the actions she has made, she still has thousands of fans praising her.  Everyone is always waiting to see what she will do next.

I think this is just a cry for attention, her way of saying that she is growing up.  But my question for her would be, does partying, twerking, and dressing inappropriately resemble the qualities of maturity?  It is tough to transition from a teenager into an adult in front the world; however, it can still be done with class.