Triton Talk #KnowYourTritons

If you could be any NDA faculty or staff member for a day, who would it be and why?

Bethany McCole, junior: “Mr. Masarik because he has power over everything.”


Derek Campbell, junior: “Mr. Guyette, so I could know all of his hilarious puns and have his amazing sense of style.”


Stu Kwaterski, senior: “Mr. Dietzo, because he’s a handsome, intelligent man!”


Robert Bernsteen, senior: “Mr. Masarik so I could ruin someone’s day, lol.”


Matt Vandenhouten, junior: “Mr.Vickman because he’s got a couch in his room.”


Gabi Brockman, junior: “Mr. Cook because he’s pretty cool.”


Jack Petermann, junior: “Mr. Dietzo because he goes hunting.”


Carter Olles, freshman: “Mr. Thompson because he’s my favorite teacher.”


Clayton Lisowski, freshman: “I would be Señora Stover because I’ve always wanted to be a girl for a day.”


Morgan Carlson, freshman: “Mr. Dietzo because he’s amazing.”


Andrew Zipp, freshman: “Mr. Vickman because he’s handsome.”


Thomas Shade, freshman: “Mr. Gray because he can play the bagpipes.”


Rachel Sladky, freshman: “Mrs. Campbell so I can put myself in Mr. NDA.”


Ryan O’Connell, freshman: “Mr. Stary because I enjoy fencing.”


Hanna Lech, freshman: “Mr. Greisen because his wife seems like a nice lady.”


Johnny Santaga, freshman: “Mr. Pauly so I can play guitar all day and give people high fives.”


Greta Bosco, freshman: “Mr. Masarik so I can scare the students.”


Maggie Shelley, freshman: “Madame because she’s awesome.”


Lauren LaPointe, freshman: “Madame Geyer because she is my favorite person ever.”


Khari Nickoli, senior: “Frau!  She teaches German and that is the best language!”


John Strutt, senior: “I would be Mrs. Hall because I would then be able to see through the eyes of an angel.”


Paul Schumacher, senior: “Mr. Masarik –obvious reasons.”


Collin Goodleston, senior: “Mr. Guyette so I can know how to be the master of sarcasm.”


Isaac Seering, senior: “Mr. Thompson.  Need I say more?”


Greg Davis, senior: “Madame Geyer so that everyone would love me and I would be the most sophisticated, classiest teacher in the history of this fine establishment.”


Nick Durkin, senior: “Ms. Mahlock so I know what it’s like to be a genius.”


Mrs. Campbell, faculty: “Sarah VanGrunsven because she’s starting her family and it’s a fun time.”


Luke Davison, senior: “Mr. Fox because he’s a great guy.”


Ashley Eucke, senior: “Madame so I could speak Russian.”


Claire Rotherham, freshman: “Senora Stover, because she is cool.”


Liam Gerl, freshman: “Mr. Konshak because I like him.”


Kristin Griesbacher, freshman: “Mrs. Brown because she has a cute accent.”


Isabelle VanDenMeerendonk, freshman: “Mrs. Brandtner because I like art.”


Maddi Reise, freshman: “Senora Stover because she is fun and cool.”


Max McDonald, freshman: “Mr. Vickman because he’s the best.”


Callie Adamczak, freshman: “Frau Laaksonen because she is a very fun person!”


Maddie Vandenbusch, freshman: “My coach Sarah because I want to be a dance teacher and she’s pretty and nice and smart and gives us great advice!”


Stephen Lovell, freshman: “Senora Stover because she’s kinda cool.”


Kendall Lisowski, freshman: “Madame because she’s amazing and I love her.”


Jack Drake, freshman: “Mr. Lagerman because he’s my boy.”


Maria Pable, freshman: “Mr. Greisen because I could play football and make moolah.”


Maren Assef, freshman: “Mr. Masarik because all the students will love me.”


Brooke Marshall, sophomore: “Either Mr. Weiss because he’s got a killer beard or Mr. Masarik because he’s got such a kind and forgiving heart.”


Madison Kaster, freshman: “I would be Madame because she is a great teacher and I love her and her class.”


Jake Vaughn, junior: “I would be Senora Stover because then I could have skull suckers.”

Whitney Walczyk, freshman: “Mrs. Brown so I could bake people brownies.”

Connor Yakel, junior: “Coach Greisen, because everyone loves him.” 


Charlie Rotherham, junior: “Ms. Mahlock, because she gets to see me twice a day, and other teachers only get to see me once.”


Davis Elm, junior: “Mr. Pauly, because that way I can jam on the guitar all day.”


Jordan Manthei, junior: “Mrs. Brown, because everyone loves her.”


Sam Hennigan, junior: “Mrs. Wojcik, because she gets to light stuff on fire.”


Tyler Lemens, junior: “Mr. Masarik, because of the experience of getting to be the associate principal.”


Bennett Christensen, freshman: “Mr.Dietzo, because I’d love to have such a wide vocabulary.”


Brehme Quidzinski, freshman: “Frau, because I could teach the wrong language for one day.”


Ben Charles, senior: “Mr. Rudar, because he gets away with anything.”


Katie Gapinski, freshman: “Mr. Pauly because he’s awesome and I want to be able to play the guitar.”


Eleanor Sladek, freshman: “Mr. Hill because he gets to do what he loves all day and that’s music. It’s really relaxing”


Ella Hunt, freshman: “Mr. Pauly because it would be fun.”


Noah Huntley, freshman: “Mr. Masarik, because he’s in charge of everyone”


Alissa DeWilde, freshman: “Madame Geyer, because she’s understanding, friendly and has the best French movies.”


Sylvia Griffitt, freshman: “Mr. Dietzo, because I like his subject.”


Kelly Hogan, freshman: “Mr. Lagerman, because I always wonder what goes on in his head.”


Gabby Dupont, freshman: “Mr. Masarik, because I want to yell at people.”


Emma Panure, freshman: “Madame Geyer because she speaks like 5 languages.”


Kim Lambie, freshman: “I would like to be Frau! I think it would be really fun.”


Marissa Ziefle, freshman: “I would be Mr. Konshak because his class is always really fun.”


Emily Lelinski, freshman: “I would be Senora Stover because everyone loves her and she’s very fun.”


MariJo Lesatz, freshman: “I would be Mr. Winkler because his class is my favorite.”


Lauren Dovorany, freshman: “I would be Mrs. Brown because her class is fun and I really enjoy English with her.”


Heather Ruby, freshman: “I would be young Mr. Geiser because then I would be awesome for a day.”


Brooke Kerscher, freshman: “Mrs. Brown because she’s a fun person and has a very interesting class.”


Christin Roskos, freshman: “I would be Mr. Nowak so I can wear sweatpants to school.”


Juliette Weslow, freshman: “I would be young Mr. Geiser because he’s really funny and he has a fun class.”


Sam Fonder, freshman: “Mr. Vickman because YOLO.”


Hannah Scolare, freshman: “Mr. Hill because he teaches music and hangs out all day with music.”


Whitney Walczyk, freshman: “Mrs. Salerno because I could be in the music room all day.”


Maddi Reise, freshman: “Señora Stover because she’s really cool and fun to be around.”


Ariana Del Moral, freshman: “I would be Madame because she is such an amazing and thoughtful teacher.”


Ellie Sylvester, freshman: “I would be Mrs. Wojcik because she is a very good teacher and super nice.”


Kassie Baeton, freshman: “Mr. Hill because he is super nice and just hangs out.”


Elisabeth Lasecki, freshman: “Mrs. Hearden because we both love ballet!”


Sinead Van Dreese, freshman: “I would be Mrs. Salerno because I could be in the music room all day.”


Ryan Mittlestadt, freshman: “I would be Señora Stover because she’s the bomb!


Matthew Wendricks, sophomore:  “Mr. Geiser. He is an awesome teacher.”


Jackson Martin, freshman:  “Madame. She’s awesome.”


El Hein, junior:  “Mrs. Brown for her brownies.”


Kyle Blindauer, junior:  “Coach Nowak so I could coach football.”


Seamus Johnson, senior:  “Frau.  She’s very interesting.”


Olivia Devorany, senior:  “Madame. She has good taste.”


Olivia Parish, senior:  “Mr. Masarik so I could give out referrals.”


Anna Corriveau, senior:  “Mrs. Corriveau, so I could use her money to go shopping.”


Kevin Robinson, senior:  “Mr. Fox because he is a bro’.”


Bryce Watzka, freshman: “Any teacher so I could yell at the kids.”


Mr. Guyette, faculty: “Mr. Harry Geiser because he’s a legend.”


Mike DeLeers, freshman: “Mr. Greisen so I could scare students.”


Zack Adamczak, senior: “Mrs. VanDeHey so I could pick on Zack Adamczak.”


Sra. Stover, faculty: “Mr. Gray because I love his philosophical thinking.”


Haley DeGroot, freshman: “Mr. Nowak because he’s funny.”


Kayla Scoggins, sophomore: “Mr. Lagerman because it looks fun to lean on the podium.”


Jarod Zirbel, senior: “Mr. Dietzo so I can work on computers all day.”


Ben Kurowski, senior: “Mr. Vickman so I can have that much swag.”


Hannah Smith, junior: “Doctora so I can throw random fiestas!”


Paige Vaughn, freshman: “Senora Stover because she is the bomb. I hear fun things happen in her room.”


Ben Richards, freshman: “I would be Mr. Winkler so I could cook things using my chemistry skills.”


Maddy Moureau, freshman: “Mr. Massarik, cause it would be fun:).”


Dru Faihel, freshman: “I would be Miss Jochman because I enjoy English and like the unit.”


Max McDonald, freshman: “I would be Mr. Vickman because he is clearly the best.”


Andrew Zipp, freshman: “Mr. Winkler because he is good at volleyball.”


Shanelle Steeno, freshman: “I would be Mr. Hill because I could spend my whole day playing and practicing music for a living.”

Will Motquin, freshman: “I would be Mr. Vickman so I could have a big chest, yell at students, be married to Renee and own a non-allergenic cat.”


Chris Wolcanski, sophomore: “Coach Nowak because he has a sweet job.”

Ellie Sylvester, freshman: “Mrs. Wojeck because she gets to teach something fun every day.”

Teddy Suda, sophomore: “Mr. Bobinski because then I could see what he puts up with with our 2nd hour class.

Eleanor Sladek, freshman: “Mr. Hill because he gets to do what he loves all day, which is music. That would be relaxing.”

Sophie Harpt, sophomore: “Mrs. Brown so I could eat my own brownies.”

Liz Segrin, sophomore: “Mrs. Hollenback so I could eat my own scotcheroos.”

Miranda Hansen, sophomore: “Mr. Lagerman so I could be awesome.”

Ben Durkin, sophomore: “Mr. Kriegl because I could have a good time and still make people more religious.”

Kim Lambie, freshman: “Frau, because I love German.”

Mike DeLeers, freshman: “Mrs. Thillman because she’s a wonderful lady.”