Christmas Gift Ideas for 2013

Tech Items Still Top the List

Christmas is right around the corner and that means that it is time to start doing Christmas shopping. Here are the top Christmas gifts for 2013.

First up are the gifts for people who love technology. The recently released Apple iPad Air is similar to the original iPad’s but it is much lighter. It only weighs one pound! This gift is for those who want to be able to have all that the iPad offers at their fingertips, but they also don’t want it to weigh as much as a regular iPad.

Next up is also for the technology lovers. It’s the Apple iPhone 5s. It has similar features to the iPhone 5 but it has gotten revamped just a bit.

The iPhone 5s has a new fingertouch technology called Touch ID. Instead of the original home button it has this new fingerprint scanner.  Once a fingerprint is registered, the user doesn’t have to use their passcode to unlock their phone.

For the music lovers, Beats by Dr. Dre are great headphones. the are available in many different colors and patterns and they have amazing sound quality to round it off. This would be the perfect gift for anyone who is constantly listening to music.

For the gamers, the makers of the Xbox and Playstation have both come out with a new gaming system that people are cheering over.

The Xbox One is a great system for the lovers of the previous Xbox systems. It has tons of different games to play and anyone who likes to game is sure to love it.

The Playstation 4 is an awesome system for those who thought that the previous game consoles from Playstation were amazing. The only hard part will be choosing between the Xbox One or the Playstation 4.

For the women and girls, Ugg Australia boots are practically gold. They are made of sheepskin and they are sure to keep feet warm and cozy throughout the cold and frosty winter months.

Last but definitely not least are the kids. Furby’s are making a comeback and all the kids want one. The Furby Boom was voted the number one most asked for toy for kids. If that doesn’t say something, then what does?

In addition to all these great gifts, there are many other things out there that would make wonderful gifts that everyone will love. Homemade gifts are always appreciated because they are made from the heart.

Also don’t forget the real meaning of the season. Christmas is not always about the gifts and presents. It is a celebration of Jesus’ birth and showing appreciation for loved ones.