Academy Chatter: What is your favorite movie and why?

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Grace Nimmer, freshman:Wonder because it has a great story line.”

Helen Treankler, senior: Zootopia because it teaches you not to settle, and it’s okay to be yourself.”

Ben LaLuzerne, senior: Tommy Boy because it’s hilarious.”

Nathan Vanden Heuvel, NDA alum and staff: Shawshank Redemption because it’s beautifully directed, has a great cast, and is a great movie all around.”

Hannah Vanden Heuvel, senior: The Matrix because of the awesome 90s soundtrack and philosophical symbolism.”

Ammerae Peebles, sophomore: Twilight because there are hot guys in it, and I wish a vampire and werewolf were in love with me.”

Chloe Capomaccio, senior: “The Fault in Our Stars because of the love story.”

Max Radar, freshman: The Blind Side because of the background story.”

Chloe Greenwood, junior: Interstellar because it’s filled with so much drama and cool space detail.”

Ethan L. Motquin, senior: The Breakfast Club because it’s an original.”

Adison Karbon, junior:Talladega Nights because it is very funny.”

Mariah Michalski, junior:Finding Nemo because Dory is hilarious.”

Gioia Cumicek, junior:The Proposal because it is entertaining and funny.”

Cassidy Noble, junior: Cheaper by the Dozen 2 because it is funny.”

Ella Tristani, senior:Napoleon Dynamite because it’s funny.”

Taylor Massart, junior:Finding Nemo because it’s really funny.”

Alana Bergin, junior:Cars 2 because it is a great sequel to the first Cars movie.”

Lauren Van Gheem, junior:Finding Dory because it is adorable, like me.”

Karenna Lamm, senior: Mean Girls because the characters are really funny and it kinda has a good message to it.”

Jacob Massart, freshman:The Lion King because it has really good songs.”

Stella DeMeuse, senior: Jaws because I grew up watching it and it’s so bad it’s funny.”

Caleb Baeten, senior: Sharknado because it’s very intense.”

Cole Whatley, senior: Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s a true love story.”

Claire Kini, senior: Just Go With It because of Adam Sandler and terrible accents.”

Madeline Darling, senior: Meet the Millers because it shows how random people can make such a close bond and become family.”

Molly Rader, junior: “High School Musical 3 because why not.”

Hayden Benner, junior: “Black Panther because Wakanda is a real place.”

Max Timmer, junior: “Cars because it changed cinema forever.”

Clara Blumerich, junior: “Raiders of the Lost Star because it’s good.”

Tania Antonio, junior: Chucky because it’s scary and I like to scare myself.”

Rebekah Boucher, senior: Hannah Montana, it’s a comedy and it’s funny”

Mary Cortes, senior: The Lion King, I still watch it today.”

Helen Treankler, senior: “The Polar Express because it’s a family tradition.”

Yesenia Ramos, senior: Fools Rush In with Matthew Perry because it is a romantic story and it is Mexican.”

Crystal Garza, senior: “My favorite movie is Scarface because it is a classical movie.”

Mrs. Brown, teacher: “My favorite movie is The Big Fish because it reminds me of my family and it reminds them of my husband.”

Guillermo Cendejas, junior: “My favorite movie is The Nun because it is really scary.”

Goretty Juarez, junior:  “My favorite movie is The Hunger Games because I’ve pretty much read all the books and it really fascinates me. I love thriller movies.”

Alek Martinez, freshman: “My favorite movie would be all the Fast and Furious movies because I really like cars, and that movie is basically about cars.”

Jada Ver Boort, sophomore: “Me Before You because I like the storyline.”

Bergin Olson, senior: “Step Brothers because it is a classic.”
Brelyn McCarron, senior: “Hairspray because it is a musical and it displays high school kids, rebels, and love.”
Chloe Capomaccio, senior: “The Fault in Our Stars because it is sad.”

Sonja Gapinski, sophomore: “I like Coco because the music is great, and it’s a really interesting movie.

Bella Zent, senior: Cars because it is a long-standing inside joke between my best friend and me.”

Trinity Janowski, senior: “To All the Boys I Loved Before”  because it is the perfect teenage rom-com.”

Mrs. Leonard, staff: Mary Poppins because who doesn’t love Mary Poppins.”

Audrey Sladek, senior: Inception because you always notice something different every time you watch it.

Ared Hernandez, junior: “My favorite movie is the Fault in Our Stars because it is a sad movie, and I like watching sad movies.”

Leonardo Rodriguez, sophomore: “Tokyo Drift because I like cars.”

Diego Sepulveda, junior: “The Lion King because I like the story and the songs.”

Goretty Juarez, junior:  “My favorite movie is The Kissing Booth because it’s something that could happen in real life.”

Guadalupe Rivera, junior: “IT because I like scary movies.”

Grace Wheeler, senior: “My favorite movie is The Heathers because I use the movie quotes all the time.”

Tim Geocaris, junior:The Brothers Grimsby, funniest yet most inappropriate movie ever.”

Mattea Vecera, junior: “My favorite movie is Interstellar because of the crazy and intense plot and the amazing soundtrack.”

Megan Zasuly, junior: Interstellar is my favorite movie because you have to watch it a bunch of times before you can understand it.”

Maddie Jalosynzski, senior:Finding Dory because it’s a great family movie to watch.”

Faith Windey, sophomore: “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones because it questions the sanity of this world.”

Juan Ruacho, junior: Black Panther, it’s mysterious and has lots of really cool gadgets.”

Cathy Beaten, junior: “The Parent Trap, and Mama Mia, it’s nostalgic.”

Mr. Christian Dory, staff: The Goonies. I was the same age as most of the characters so that really made it relatable.”

Bella McCarron, sophomore: “Mama Mia because it has a bunch of different genres and really good music.”

Patrick Buckley, junior: Cars because I just love the story, man. Heart-warming story that is just great to watch with the fam.”

Ryan Reinke, junior:Ant Man because the characters and plot is really good and how they follow the physics.”

Yana Williams, junior:Mean Girls because I like the girls and they are pretty.”

Alex Broullire, junior:The Longest Yard because of the good comedy in there.”

Helena Parmar, junior: Annabelle the Creation because it is one of the creepiest movies I’ve ever watched.”

Grace Cisar, sophomore: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.”

Anna Kyles, sophomore: The Greatest Showman.”

Claudia Cendejas, sophomore: “The Longest Ride.”

Sonja Gapinski, sophomore: “Coco.”

Arnold Gonzalez, sophomore: “The Nun.”