Who will be Intramural Basketball Champions?

Ty Yewman, Staff Writer

On Saturday mornings during the winter months at the Notre Dame Academy, students and faculty participate in a ten team intramural basketball league.  But don’t think this is not competitive.

“There is always a senior team that dominates the competition and puts on a clinic for those spectating”, said faculty coordinator Mr. Brian Bobinski. “The faculty team usually puts up a good fight against the students,” Mr. Bobinski added.

The intramural season runs from Christmas break to spring break, so there is a lot of basketball to be played. The game itself is played by college rules with 20 minute halves and also a running clock.

The boys varsity basketball players act as officials who provide a valuable service to the league.  They keep score, run the clock, and call fouls as needed. They help maintain order and structure in the league.  “We couldn’t run the league without them, Mr. Bobinski said.

Talking to different members who play intramurals yields the same results. They all say that they are the best team in the league and will win every single game.

“The team that will put up the most fight and will be a big upset will be our team,” junior Davis Elm said.

They will have a tough task beating the senior boys, senior Jack Charles said.  “No one is getting in our way this year,” he said.

Winners of the intramural basketball league  will receive a T-shirt and the bragging rights that go along with being intramural champions.

Intramural basketball as you can see is kind of a big thing at Notre Dame. People don’t mess around in intramurals and go beyond just showing up every Saturday and playing games. Some teams have plays, team uniforms, and even go to the YMCA to work on their game and get ready to compete.

Juniors Davis Elm, Jake DeLeers, Mark Rowe, and Jameson Verdegan all said they have all been going and working at the YMCA on making their team unbeatable.