FRCC Conference Says Good-Bye to East, West

Ty Yewman, Staff Writer

Changes are in store for the Fox River Classic Conference. The big uproar lately has been the talk about East and West high school leaving the FRCC and moving into the Bay conference.

East and West will be leaving the FRCC and moving into the Bay conference. The fall of 2015 all the teams from East and West will move out of the FRCC.

The FRCC conference will go from twelve teams now to 10 teams with the drop out of East and West.

All the sports in the conference will lose a couple games, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing because now teams will play each other more than once.

Basketball will lose two games, go from playing 18 games to 16 games. “Basketball will be a much more competitive conference. They will benefit from getting a true champion,” said Mr. Ken Flaten, athletic director.

Before a top-ranked team played the second best team only once, and now that everyone will play twice, it will be a more competitive matchup because you will have to win both of those games to stay at the top of the conference, he said.

East and West going into the Bay conference doesn’t mean it will be easier than the FRCC. There are tough teams in the Bay conference such as Seymour, West De Pere, and Xavier.

East and West will likely struggle in basketball and football because of the competition in the Bay conference,” Mr. Flaten said,  “but some sports will be better than others, like golf, track, and soccer may benefit and have a better chance of winning the conference than in the FRCC.”

Football Coach John Nowak said that with West and East leaving the FRCC won’t have much effect on the conference. “If anything it will be harder for them in the Bay conference because of the competition it holds,” he said.

East and West have been wanting out of the FRCC since 2010. Mr. Flaten said.  They wanted to be more aligned with schools their size and the competition that their sports teams were at. “With the move, it will be good for them overall, particularly the morale of their school,” Mr. Flaten said.