LaCrosse Team Faces Mid-Season Ups, Downs

Mallory Kaster, Senior Staff Writer

The Varsity Lacrosse team at Notre Dame is more than halfway through its regular season, and Head Coach Robert Vickman thinks the team is only getting better.

They are currently 5-5 with about four regular season games left to play.

“From a talent standpoint, this team has a lot of it,” Vickman said. “Obviously trying to compare this team to the one that dominated its competition last year and won the State Championship is not entirely fair.”

Vickman said the biggest difference this year is that they have a lot of players that have never had to be “the guy” on the field, so the early part of the season was about having players find their place, know their role and then perform.

“They’ve always had talent and have been pretty committed to getting better, but the defining part of our season will be whether a few guys take ownership of this team and become ‘the guy’ for us,” Vickman said.

The season has not been an easy one.

“We’ve kind of had one problem after another hit us almost every week, whether it’s been injuries or something else, but I’m hoping that they are starting to come together and will be ready to roll come playoff time,” said the coach.

Vickman said some of the seniors who have been out for lacrosse all four years at NDA, like Peter Gaura, Aaron Sincoular and Daniel Grace, have come a long way in that time.

“When they were freshmen, they couldn’t pick up a ball without falling on the ground, and now they are the core of the team, although Sincoular still does fall on his face quite a bit,” Vickman said.

Other players have also improved immensely in the past year.

“Brogan Tremel has probably developed the most in just the last year,” Vickman said. “It seems like he found ‘it’ from his junior to senior year and is now a huge part of our success.”

Senior Anton Brix, who joined the team just this year, loves the sport.

“It’s a lot more fun and laid-back than what I’m used to in hockey,” he said. “The guys are cool, and Mr. Vickman is a good coach. My goal is to win state.”

Senior Peter Gaura recognizes the ups and downs of the season.

“I feel that if we fix some minor mental mistakes, we have a chance of making the season successful,” he said.

Vickman encourages students to come out to the games.

“I know that not many students have played lacrosse or have even ever watched it, but if you come out and take in a game, you will fall in love with it,” he said. “It’s fast-paced and exciting.”

He also welcomes anyone that is looking for something fun to do each spring to consider going out for the team in the future.

“They won’t regret it,” he said.