Student Athletes: To Play or Not to Play in College

Jameson Verdegan, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Many factors must be considered when deciding whether or not to play a sport in college.

The time commitment required is a major consideration. Many successful high school athletes are choosing not to play a sport in college because of how big the sacrifice can be.

Of course, playing a sport in college can be very beneficial to some, especially if they get offered money to play at a college, which is a possibility at a DII or DI school. That can help out a lot financially.

In addition, some colleges make their players have a study hall in an effort to help them academically. Often student athletes have tutors because they miss school for the sport they are playing. Different sports require different amount of time away from class.

Other athletes play in college without the financial incentive or the classroom assistance.  They are just doing what they wanted to do since they were little kids.

Last year five seniors from the football team signed on to play college football. Those students were Isaac Seering, St.Thomas;  Zach Devroy, UW-Lacrosse;  Joel Krawczyk, Sam McCole, and Stu Kwaterski, St.Norbert.

This past week senior John Lehman, a three-year starter for the Triton football team, visited St.Norbert College and is now committed to play football there. Lehman played left tackle sophomore year and then made a switch to right tackle for his junior and senior year. Lehman made first-team all conference this past season.

Lehman believes all his hard work from the long off-seasons are starting to pay off.

“A lot of good things are going to happen in the next four years at Norbs,” Lehman said.