For Poshaks, Hockey Runs (or Skates) in the Family


Meghan Yakel, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy hockey brothers, Bryce and Brendan Poshak, prove that their best work is together on the ice.

The two have been playing hockey for most of their lives; Bryce started learning to skate at the age of two, and Brendan started at three years old. The brothers have been on a multitude of different hockey teams all over Wisconsin, including Team Wisconsin (Elite League) and Junior Gamblers AAA.

Being almost four years apart, the two have not gotten the chance to play together until this year. For that, they feel lucky.

“It is something that I do not take for granted. The connection makes things easy out on the ice and is just an awesome experience that many siblings do not get to share. Despite all the arguments, it is a blessing. For sure it’s going to be the thing I will miss the most,” said Bryce, a senior.

The boys were raised on hockey as their dad played hockey until college and now coaches and refs the game.

“Most of our conversations at home are surrounded on hockey. It’s nice to have a family that knows the game well so we can all talk about it easier,” Bryce said.

The Poshaks admit that even though they do have a great connection on the ice, they have their arguments from time to time.

“Sometimes when one of us is wide open and we don’t pass the puck. But Bryce is a great leader and controls the bench,” Brendan said.

“It is helpful in the fact that it pushes us both to become better teammates and players,” added the brother.

The Poshaks are leading the team in points this season, Bryce with 32 points and Brendan with 23 points.

“It’s great playing with Bryce, especially when the announcer says, ‘Poshak to Poshak’ when one of us scores a goal and the other has the assist. Many families don’t get this type of blessing,” said Brendan.

The boys agree that they have that brother connection on and off the ice. They know each other’s tendencies and where they are most likely going to play the puck.

“I think both of us together are successful considering that we have that connection, and it has shown so far this season as we are both consistently on the stat sheet,” Bryce said.

The brothers both intend to continue playing hockey after high school, and it’s easy for each of them to say that the other will be successful.

“Brendan is very talented and elite for his age. He is going to develop well in the program, and I know if he keeps doing what he is doing, he will go far,” Bryce said.

“I know that Bryce is going to be very successful moving onto Junior Hockey next year,” countered Brendan.  

The Tritons next game is on Tuesday, January 23, against Appleton United at Appleton Family Ice Center at 8 p.m.