Weisner Embraces Manager Role in Tennis

James Bosco, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Junior Ben Weisner is the tennis manager for the 2018 tennis season. Being the manager of the Notre Dame tennis team includes many different jobs and responsibilities.

Specifically, Ben is responsible for assisting the team with equipment, helping during practices, and coordinating information and events for visiting teams.  He takes great pride in his responsibilities and plays an important role in Academy tennis.

People often ask Ben how he got interested and involved with the tennis team.  He says during his sophomore year he decided to get involved when he saw the previous manager graduate the prior year, and the tennis team was in need of a manager. He knew the position was for him.

“I have really enjoyed being the manager,” said Weisner. “ I refer to myself as the ‘momager.’”

Another way Ben helps is giving rides to underclassmen who can’t drive. Overall Weisner considers his teammates like brothers to him.

The tennis season has been a successful one, according to the junior.  He says it’s a growth year due to the fact the tennis program has moved from division 2 up to division 1, a difficult jump in competition.

Another challenge the tennis team has faced this year has been the poor weather early in the season.  This has forced the tennis team to get a late start on outside practice. According to Weisner, the poor weather has stunted the team’s early-season success. Although the team has faced diversity in the early moments of the season, he is confident they will rally and be successful.

Have you ever wondered what sport to join for the spring season? The Notre Dame Varsity has twelve athletes and the Notre Dame JV team has forty players. Spots are open and available for any interested future players.